Monday, September 20, 2010

The Feng Shui of South Korea

South Korea Flag
qian gua

kun gua

kan gua

Before Heaven Bagua

Tai Ji

South Korea Presidential Residence

Do you know that the South Korea had been influenced strongly by the ancient knowledge of I-Ching 易经? I-Ching is one of the great recoveries of men and it existed in this world approximate 6000 years ago. The word I易 is in fact a combination of the Sun 日and the Moon 月. In other word, it is a study about the yang or positive energy and the yin or the negative energy. It is a book about the philosophy of change as our Earth does not stop revolving; the magnetic energy of the Earth will not be the same all the time. Moreover, the gravitational force pull between the Earth and the Moon, Sun and other planets will keep on changing all the time. I-Ching 易经 is the core of the knowledge of feng shui, Chinese medicine, tai ji, qi kung and many more.
There are qian gua, kun gua, li gua and kan gua in the South Korea flag. On top of that, there is a tai ji in the middle of the flag. The qian gua represents the heaven or the sky; kun gua indicates the earth, li gua is the Sun and whereas the kan gua is the Moon.
Also, the South Korean Presidential Residence has been build on a piece of land which is according to the theory of the左青龙 右白虎 前朱雀 后玄武zuo qing long, you bai hu, qian zhu qiao, hou xuan wu which mean the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Turtle. There is a hill at the back of the Presidential Residence. The land on the left of the Presidential Residence is higher than the right. There is a piece of ample land in front of the Presidential Residence. Please refer to my book, “How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?” page 37 for the theory.

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Jim Industries said...

This is a good knowledge sharing. Now i realize south korea flag come with bakua inside. That's a mystery power..