Wednesday, April 20, 2011

砂拉越州议会大选 Sarawak State Assembly Election

在砂拉越州议会大选的前一天, 我与好友谈论我们的见法, 当时我告诉我的好友, 我预测国阵还是会清松地保着2/3议席, 而民联得少于20议席. 过后砂拉越政府将出现不安定的局势.
本不该写这篇文章, 因为你此时此刻一定会骂我是马后炮, 但只是要強烈的告诉大家这是八运, 后天八卦告诉我们’八’在艮卦, 艮卦为小儿, 是年轻人的时代, 不是老头的时代. 君不见此时的小儿在家里的地位很高很被重视吗? 他如说去KFC吃, 全家人都必须依他的, 因为此时是小家庭的时代, 更不是鄧小平的时代. 这全是因为此时艮卦当令. 君不见此时的领导人都较年轻代吗? 要不然, 领导人的长相必须年轻, 不要老态龙鍾. 我常说如果日本要走出困境, 找个较年轻的领导人来当首相吧?
不知DAP在砂拉越州议会大选是否有高人指点, 但它的做法肯定是对的! 好好把握此时吧, 年轻人. 上了年级的uncles们, 请别骂我呀!

李白的诗有说"君不见黃河之水天上来, 奔流到海不复回, 君不见高堂明镜悲白发, 朝如青丝暮成雪, ......"
The day before the Sarawak State Assembly election, I talked with my friends and I told them that my prediction was that it would be still clear two-thirds majority for BN, and the Pakatan Rakyat will have less than 20 seats. After the election, there will be some internal conflict within the BN.
Shouldn't have written this article, because you will at this moment scolding me that I should have said it before the election. The message that I want to deliver here is that the “later heaven bagua” told us, it is now the age of the young people, not the old man's age. Have you not seen at this time the status of children at home is getting more important than the previous generation when your grandmother has ten or more children? If the young son in your family says go to KFC for dinner, the whole family must follow him, because it is time for small family, nor the age of Suharto or Deng Xiao Ping. This is because of the Gen kua. We are at period 8 and it is the Gen kua. Have you not seen at this point, the leaders in the world are getting younger? Otherwise, they must look young. I often say that if Japan wants to get out of the horrible situation, get a younger leader to become their Prime Minister. I have insisted my opinion even before it was hit by the worst earthquake or tsunami. If you always follow my blog or you have read my book and attended my class, you will know what I m talking about.
I do not know whether the DAP in the Sarawak State Assembly election knew that. But it is certainly right strategy to have the young men to challenge the uncles who are basically more than 60!
Young man, make the most of this time.
Uncle, do not scold me ya!

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