Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Feng Shui of Bayswater Condominium and Tesco, e-Gate

Google Earth shows the location of Tesco, e-Gate and Bayswater Condominium.

Why 'Jade Belt Surrounding Waist' is good?

The shape of the old type of money of China, gold ingot 元宝

Before I start to write this article, I would like to stress that nobody pays me for writing it. It is mainly for sharing purposes.

I have always written a lot about the excellent feng shui of e-Gate, Penang Island and you can read about it in my book page 59-63.

For those who are not familiar with Penang Island, e-Gate is a very popular spot in Penang Island. It is a meeting point for many of us because of its location. It is situated at the entrance of the island when you drive across the Penang Bridge to the island from the Peninsular Malaysia. You can read about the feng shui of e-Gate in my book mentioned.

Today, I would like to write about the surrounding of e-gate i.e. the Tesco Shopping Mall and the Bayswater Condominium.

The Bayswater Condominium is one of the properties which has appreciated almost 3x its selling price since it was launched. Do you know why?

Look at the shape of e-gate. What it looked like? ......It is in fact looked like the shape of the old type of money of China, gold ingot 元宝. Imaging that there is a gold ingot, 元宝 in front of your house, 不发也难呀! The money is awaiting for you if you are residing in the Bayswater Condominium.

You will find that Tesco Shopping Mall which is situated at the right hand side of the e-gate is a very popular shopping mall in Penang which really enjoys good business. Penangites that go there are for real shopping and not going there to see see look look only. Why?

I have mentioned many times about the 玉帶环抱 jade belt surrounding waist and how good is it if we are residing at the flow of traffic that forms the 'jade belt surrounding waist'. Please look at the Google Earth above that shows the location of Tesco, e-Gate and Bayswater Condominium. It has proven again that the power of feng shui that influence the good and bad of a place.

玉帶环抱 jade belt surrounding waist

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