Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My feng shui class in Brunei

It is my pleasure to be able to conduct my feng shui class in Brunei. I sincerely hope that those who have attended my class have gained some knowledge from the sharing. I certainly enjoyed the afternoon with you all and looking forward to see you soon.

Frankly speaking, it was a very wonderful trip for me that I did not expect it to be. Thanks a billion for the hospitality and there is no words that I can find to describe my gratitude towards those who have helped to make this trip a successful and meaningful one, particularly Mr. Sonny Teo who has put in so much effort in making it happened.

Also, I would like to thank Mr. Sonny Teo again for inviting to me to the wonderful dinner organized by the Singaporean Association, SA of Brunei in the grand Empire Hotel. It was a fantastically wonderful night.

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