Saturday, February 4, 2012

立春必须有好的心情 Auspicious Li Chun

立春必须有好的心情. 除了到银行去进些钱到自己的户口外(代表今年财源不絕), 还必须把家里的灯和风扇都打开使气场流动(我在面子书有说明), 更要放些钱在自己的聚财箱(那些我批过八字者都知道如何放自己的聚财箱在自己的财位).

立春必须有好的心情. 我的心情真愉快因为知道自己所取名的小孩都快乐的成长. 我发觉自己已帮了无数的小孩取名, 他们也已经健康的成长. 虽然我并不记得他们的名字, 但希望他们都能快快乐乐健健康康的成长. 阿彌陀佛.

We must have good mood and good feeling during Li Chun. Apart from going to the bank to cash in some money into your bank account (represent there is ceaseless income this year), you must also switch on all fans and light in your house to activate the qi (I have said it in my face book). Also, put some money in your own treasure box during Li Chun. Those who have asked me for bazi reading consultation will know how to place their treasure boxes at their wealth place).

I feel really happy during Li Chun when I found out that those children who were named by me have grown up healthily. I have just realized that I have given names to many children and all of them have grown up healthily and happily. Though I don't remember their names, but I hope they can grow up healthily and happily. Buddha blesses them.

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Hong CN said...

Master Lee, you look better when put on weight. :-) Have great weeks ahead!