Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I found that it is really hard for me to find time to write an good article recently as there are many interruption and works that occupy most of my times.

As many have known that the worst annual flying star no 5 yellow enters to the centre of the annual flying chart 2013 and it will create many disasters, diseases, arguments, wars, terrorism and etc. Just look around us and you will not pick up many examples easily.

1. Serious H9N7 Flu in China.
2. Many serious earthquakes have just occurred, like the one in 雅安, 四川, China, Oklahoma, Iran and etc.
3. It is not a very peaceful general election in Malaysia. Many fingers pointing....
4. The Sulu attacked to Sabah.
5. Potential war by the North Korea.

Let pray for a better and peaceful world.

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