Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feng Shui : Zodiac Horoscope for Tiger in 2014 生肖虎在2014马年的运气

老虎 Tiger
生肖老虎在2014甲午, 马年运气不是很好, 除了一个吉星, 凶星有白虎’主背后小人,对你造成严重伤害在暗地里窥伺你,一旦见你犯错或疏忽,便会马上对你作出批评。目的就是要令你在同事和老板面前失威。

When come to the year of horse 2014, the tiger will not be very promising. Bai Hu’ which  is lying in wait for you secretly. Once seeing you committing any mistake or negligence, it will appear and criticize you immediately. This will make you look bad in front of your colleagues and boss.

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