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How to enhance your house feng shui in the year of horse 2014.

As a matter of fact, those who have attended my previous classes and have read my book should know how to do it easily.

Annual Flying Star Chart 2014

Please do the following for the year of horse 2014 on the "li chun" 4 Feb 2014. Of course, please kindly clean your house and yourself before you do it. First of all, please switch on all the fans and lights to activate the qi when you do it. Don't forget to pray to the Heaven before you do it.

Annual Flying Star 1 (White) is at the South West. It is good for studies, wealth, love and career. Spend more time there. Place a Water Feature there.

If your house has a water feature at the South West of your house, it will be awesome. 

Annual Star 2 (Black) is at the East. This sector will cause illness, loss of wealth and this is where the unwanted spirits like to gather. Place a set of 'fortune water'.

 Fortune Water 安忍水

Annual Star 3 Jade 三碧 (plant) is at the South East. It will cause constant arguments and in extreme cases, it may lead to legal lawsuits. Place a Red Carpet at the South East.

Annual Star 4 Green (plant) is at the center. It is the best place for studying and thinking, particularly if you need to make important decisions. This is the place to enhance the study luck of your children. Get them to study in this sector to get good results in their examinations. There may be potential romantic encounters and better relationship for couples if you utilize this sector. Place an oriental ancient studying tool 文房四宝 with 4 calligraphy brushes or a pagoda 文昌塔 there. As the matter of fact, it is not only critical to enhance the intelligent star 4 for the kids, who are studying in schools, it is also very important for those who work, have to come out with brilliant and creative ideas. Thus, go to the center of your house if you need to make an important decision.

Oriental ancient studying tool 文房四宝

Annual Star 5 Yellow at the North West of your house. It is the worst place and the most dangerous sector. No renovations, knocking or breaking of wall in this area. Beware of accidents and obstacles. Place a set of 'fortune water'.

Annual Star 6 White (gold) is at the West. Good for career advancement and indirect wealth. Place a crystal ball there.

Crystal ball 

Annual Star 7 Red (gold) is at the North East. It is a place for possible arguments and medical compilations. Potential robberies if your main door is located at this sector. Please place a glass of water there.

Annual Star 8 White (Earth) is at the South. As we are in Period 8, no. 8 star is the best star of all. It is the wealth location. If the main door of your house is located at this sector, you will enjoy good financial returns. Place a fan or clock to circulate the flow of the good qi. To further enhance the qi, place a treasure bowl as the figure below. Please beware that the South is also the place for the grand duke 太岁位; hence no renovations, knocking or breaking of wall should be done in this area.

Treasure bowl

Annual Star 9 Purple (fire) at the North. It is a very good place. You may expect to enjoy a lot of happy events such as a new born baby and marriage if you utilize this sector. It is also the 2nd wealth sector. Place 9 pots of plants there. Please activate this place if you wish to have a baby particularly. However, since the "Three Killings" 三煞 (不是三碧) is also there, please place 3 'qi lin' there too. Please beware the South is also the place for the year breaker岁破位 ; hence no renovations, knocking or breaking of wall should be done there.

'qi lin'


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