Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Visit to Bangkok Thailand

The Thai also realize the important of Bagua and you can see they put the Bagua Mirror at the Entrance of the tower to minimize the unwanted sha qi.

 You will find that that there are a lot of wire, electricity posts and overhead bridges surrounding the buildings and they will create awful impacts to the feng shui of Bangkok.

It is awesome to hang the picture of the King at the Qian Kua which is the North West of the house, the place for the King, Master of the house and the most powerful man in the any organisation. Hanging the picture at the back of your sitting place in your office also symbolize that powerful man in at the back of you to support you. For those who work in Public Bank, you may want to put the picture of the most powerful man of the bank to form the support for you.

The recent visit to Bangkok Thailand reminded me of my old article about Bangkok as below:-

孔子曰, '南面而听天下'.天南地北. When The great scholar of China, the Confucius talked about the I-Ching or Yi-Jing, he said "Face the South and listen (rule) to the world. In I-Ching or Yi-Jing we said the heaven/sky is in the South and the earth/land is in the North.

There is a similarity in between the Grand Palace and the Chitralada Palaceof Thailand with the Forbidden Palace of Beijing China i.e. all the palaces are facing exactly South.

The first Gua of the 64 gua is Qian Heaven Gua 乾为天卦and Qian Heaven Gua is a period 1 gua which is gua of the King. If you visit China, you will notice most of their important government buildings are facing the South.

In my previous article about the Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 1), I said The argument star no 3 is at the South East. It means there will be some disputes or conflicts in the South East Asia in country like Thailand. We actually see the same thing in Malaysia too.

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