Sunday, March 23, 2014


地山谦卦 311.5/313 degree 是易经中其中一个最好卦象. 这个卦六爻皆吉, 君子之卦, 仁德之卦, 代表聚财聚德, 但在易经中它属于六运, 已经是退运因此您可以发现现在的社会风气不再谦虚, 不再礼让, 大家认为自己很厉害, 但这个卦象仍然是被认为是个好卦, 而且它位于九宫飞星NW2 307.5 - 322.5旺财旺丁之中.
希望大家谨记满招损, 谦受益”. 不要自满, 要默默耕耘因为人非圣贤. 很多事情都非人之能力能控制的, 即使是有了成就, 也不应该自满, 别做土豪. MH370的事件是一个很好的教训.
Di Shan Qian Gua 311.5/313 degree is one of the best gua of the Book of Changes, Yi-Jing/I-Ching. This is a gentleman gua, It is considered a good gua. However it is a 6th period gua which is a gua of the past. Hence, you can find that the current social climate is no longer humble, no comity, all will think that they are very smart. Furthermore, it is in the degree of the NW2 307.5 - 322.5 of the flying star which is where the 旺财旺丁 is.
旺财旺丁 which means apart from prosperity, it will create harmony, talent, efficiency and great health to the people who stay in the house.

I hope you remember, "Do not be complacent”. We should not think that we are above everything because we are not saints. There are many things that not to be able to be controlled by the human ability. Even with the achievements, nor should be complacent. Don’t over-confident. The incident of the MH370 is a good lesson to be learned.

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