Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The feng shui of the 2nd Penang Bridge, the Sultan Abdul Halim Bridge (Part 2)

I guess for those who always follow my blog, I always mentioned that in feng shui, there is a very important principle i.e. the mountain governs the people and water governs the wealth山管人丁水管财, 有好山就有好人才. 有好水就有好财富. In the olden day, river is important to the farmers for the purpose of agriculture. Without water, the crop will not be able to grow properly and in the era which the agriculture is crucial to produce wealth to the men, no doubt the river is very critical to the men.

Many thousands years ago, men hunted for living in the forest. Then, men started to do farming and fishing, thus they started to depend heavily on water. After that, they started to learn doing trading and they realized that the best places to do trading are near the water i.e. at the river bank and near the seaside. Men migrated from the forest to flat land and then to the river bank. You will notice that many popular cities are all built next to water such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

In feng shui, the importance of the road is like the river. Try to look around yourself and you will notice once a new road is ready to be used, it will bring business to the shops around it. Versa vice, if a road is closed or the traffic flow in a particular area is to be changed and it will immediately change the feng shui or the qi of the area. A good example is what happened to the Pulau Tikus area recently. Also, before the Penang Bridge was build, the area Gelugor, Bayan Lepas in Penang Island and Prai, Seberang Jaya in Butterworth were not that prosperous. We shall expect the same for the Second Penang Bridge (Sultan Abdul Halim Bridge).

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