Thursday, July 3, 2014

为什么日本脑炎发生在威北? Why does the Japanese encephalitis happen in Penang?

If you follow my prediction dated November 13, 2013, I said the The most inauspicious star is at the North West, it shows it is no good for Penang and Kedah which are at the North West of Malaysia

Hope that the 5 yellow most inauspicious sickness star will not continue to show his true color in this region. God bless.

如果你有读我在​​2013年11月13日的预测,我说"最不吉利飞星是在西北,这表明它是无益于槟城和吉打州因为我们处以马来西亚的西北方  "

希望5黄, 这最不吉利的疾病飞星不会继续在这个地区显示他的本色。上天保佑!

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