Saturday, November 29, 2014

李老师2015羊年预测 part 2 : 严重和复杂的石油价格经济战已经开始。Master Lee's 2015 Year of Goat Prediction part 2 : A serious and complicated economic war on petroleum price has started.

如果你看过我20141113日的文章”Master Lee's 2015 Year of Goat Prediction part 1 : The United States may get attacked? 李老师2015羊年预测 part 1 : 西方国家尤其是美国被攻击?”, 我说,凶星五黄和三煞都在西方, 对西方不利. 除此之外, 亡神, 寅入命, 因此是非多. 可能有战争, 风起云涌, 民间不满情绪不断, 民间斗争, 抗议, 大型示威在所难免, 环球局势不稳定, 国与国之间的贸易兢争不断, 外交制裁, 货币战你争我夺, IS恐怖行动不断, 尤其是在西方国家。最近发生在美国的严重反种族主义抗议示威是在显示2015羊年预测的讯号(事实上,你会发现在新的一年还没来之前, 当年年底发生的事情将显示明年的迹象, 美国正在发生的严重抗议示威正是显示明年将会乱七八糟的迹象,这是我的真实经历),因此2015年是一个乱七八糟的一年尤其是西方。另外,不要忘了三碧是非星进入2015流年飞星中心, 而世界的中心是中东地区,可能会有战争,大规模示威和IS恐怖。随着OPEC宣布维持生产石油量造成石油价格维持低位, 这对美国是个威胁因为美国拥有大量crude petroleum但生产 crude petroleum 的成本,比现在石油价格高了。因此严重和复杂的石油价格经济战已经开始。

我的预测是,2015年是一个乱七八糟的一年尤其是西方和中东, 石油价格将维持低位至少几个月。美国正试图促使俄罗斯不能支持乌克兰分裂分子和供应武器给叙利亚。这是因为美国和OPEC仍在争取来控制石油价格, 而俄罗斯的石油成本仍然很高,美国正试图阻止克里米亚脱离乌克兰。这显然严重和复杂的石油价格经济战已经开始, 或者我应该说,这是继续....但会更加严重和复杂。短期内美国为了达到目的可以允许低石油价格, 但长远来说这对美国经济不利.

If you read my blog post dated 13 Nov 14 with the title of "
Master Lee's 2015 Year of Goat Prediction part 1 : The United States may get attacked? 李老师2015羊年预测 part 1 : 西方国家尤其是美国被攻击?, I said the most inauspicious star five yellow and three evil ( three killings) are at the West, the argument star亡神寅入命, therefore there may be war, large demonstrations, unstable global situation, trade between countries continue to be tense, diplomatic sanctions, currency war, IS terror continued, especially in Western countries. The serious anti-racism protest in USA now is showing the sign (In fact, you will notice the signs of what is going to happen in the next year by looking at what is happening at the end of the year and this is my true experience) and hence 2015 is a year full of mess especially the West. Also, don't forget the argument star enters into the center and the center of the world is the Middle East, there may be war, large demonstrations and IS terror continued. With OPEC's announcement today to maintain the production of petroleum which caused the price of the petroleum to remain low is a threat to the USA as the cost to produce the crude petroleum ,which USA has a lot of reserves is higher than the petroleum price now. A serious economic war on petroleum price has started. 

My prediction is with the strong signal of the mess in the West and Middle East. The price of the petroleum will remain low for at least months. USA is trying to choke Russia so that Russia will not support Ukraine separatists and weapon supplies to Syrian. This is because the USA and OPEC are still fighting to control the price of the petroleum which the cost of petroleum production in Russia is still high and Russia now has basically limited say of the world petroleum price. USA is attempting to stop the Crimea detachment from Ukraine. It is obviously a serious and complicated economic war on petroleum price has started, or I should say it is continuing ....but will get more serious and complicated. 

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