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李老师2015羊年预测 part 3 : 2015是战祸之年也, 风起云涌, 民间不满情绪不断, 国与国之间的贸易兢争不断, 外交制裁, 货币战你争我夺, 经济大战的一年. Master Lee's 2015 Year of Goat Prediction part 3 :2015 is the year of war, large demonstrations, unstable global situation, trade between countries continue to be tense, diplomatic sanctions, currency and economic war year.

2015年立春八字2015Li Chun 4 Feb 15 12.09pm


·      ·         亥未二合木, 木强, 木为日元之财, 而且财透, 但是财多身弱, 因此2015年的经济展望会起伏不定, 不要忘记2015是战祸之年也, 风起云涌, 民间不满情绪不断,  国与国之间的贸易兢争不断, 外交制裁, 货币战你争我夺, 经济大战的一年.

·         行业盛衰排名为火, , , , 最差为金因为2015年立春八字日元本命辛阴金, 金弱而且午末六合火, 火溶金, 金融业, 银行表现最弱. 午寅合火, 火强, 火的行业如电子产品, 电信公司表现不错. 木的行业如报业, 出版业也表现不错但因三碧木在2015年飞星图的中央, 它是控制者但同时有被困之难因此兢争强烈, 龙争虎斗, 无法生存者将被淘汰出局.

·          财多身弱2015也要小心病疾2015年为羊年, 牛羊相冲因此有与牛有关的病疾, 小心欧洲的疯牛症.


·         三碧, 是非星飞入中宫, 肯定是非不断, 可能有战乱, 尤其是在中东.

·         凶星五黄和三煞都在西方, 对西方不利. 因此美国和欧洲要小心病疾和天灾人祸, 美国和欧洲会有恐怖攻击. IS恐怖行动不断, 西方国家尤其是美国被攻击也在所难免. 对于位于马来西亚的西方的雪洲和吉隆坡也不好.

·         马来西亚首都在西方因此2015年马来西亚的经济展望并不理想. 随着消费税的征收,民众的不满情绪是普遍偏高。

·         二黑, 星在东南, 因此东南亚要小心病疾. 二黑病星为土, 东南方为巽宫, 卦象为风, 巽宫为木, 木克土, 因此暴风雨, 龙卷风, 台风在所难免, 尤其是在东南亚的菲律宾.

·         六白武曲星东北. 六白武曲星为战斗星, 因此在世界东北方的南北韩局势将继续不稳定. 中共中央打贪行动也会继续实行, 内部矛盾争议不断.

·         一白水星为桃花星在东方, 东方为震宫兴长子宫因此富豪的长子可能有桃花新闻.


Hour                        Day                        Month                       Year

Yang plant            yin gold                yang earth                 yin plant
Yin fire horse     yang water pig    yang plant tiger        yin earth goat

•亥未pig and goat combine become strong wood, wood is wealth through, so the 2015 economic outlook will be ups and downs, do not forget that 2015 is the year of war, large demonstrations, unstable global situation, trade between countries continue to be tense, diplomatic sanctions, currency and economic war year.

In term of the industry rankings for 2015. It will be the fire element industry taking the lead, followed by wood, then earth, water, and the worst is gold as the bazi of the li chun shows the Day Master Xin Yin Gold, weak gold and午末 horse and goat combine become fire, fire dissolves the gold.  Thus, it is bad for the financial sector and the banks. 午寅also combine to form fire , strong fire, the fire related industries such as electronics, telecommunications companies will perform well. Wood industries such as newspaper publishing industry also will perform well but the 3plant is at the centre of the annual flying chart and therefore trapped. Competition is high and those that cannot sustain will be eliminated.

But wealthy body is weak bazi (bazi term), hence be careful virus outbreak.

2015 year is year of Goat, sheep and it clashes ox, therefore disease-related to ox is to be taken extra attention, specially the mad cow disease in Europe

Three Argument Star will enter into the center of the chart and it takes control, hence certainly, there may be war, especially in the Middle East.

The most inauspicious star five yellow and three evil ( three killings) are in the West, there will be a terrorist attack to the US and Europe. IS terror will be continued, especially in Western countries, the United States will be attacked? The US and Europe also have to beware of virus outbreak and the natural disasters. In Malaysia, Selangor State and Kuala Lumpur which are located at the West of Malaysia are not that good either.

Malaysian capital is in the West and therefore the Malaysian Economic Outlook for 2015 is not that ideal. With the imposing of GST, the dissatisfaction of the people is generally high.

Two black sickness star is at the southeast , thus special attention need to be paid to the sick disease in Southeast Asia. Two black star is earth element, south-east is plant Palace, which in later heaven bagua is wind. The wood clashes the 2 black earth star, so storms, tornadoes; typhoons are inevitable, especially in the Philippines.

Six White Wu Qu Xing in the Northeast. The Wu Qu six white star is a warrior battle star, and therefore unstable situation between the North and South Korea which are at the northeast side of the world will be continued. The actions to fight corruption by the Central Government of China will be continued and we will notice the internal controversial as well.

   一白 1 water romance star is at the East. East palace is the palace of the eldest son so the eldest son of the rich may have peach news or scandal.

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