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How to decide whether a condo or a landed property is suitable for you?

Recently, many come to me to ask me how to decide whether a condo or a landed property is suitable for them.

There are a few areas that we need to consider before we purchase the condo or a house:-

1. The direction of the balcony based on the owner's bazi with the birthday and hour. For a landed property, it will be the direction of the main door. 
2. The surrounding of the condo, especially the things that can be seen from the condo or the house. You can refer to my book

1.  一个要金的人,可常去打高爾夫球因为打高爾夫球为白圆色小球, 白与圆为金, 穿白色衣服到白雪皚皚的雪地去,到西方或西北方(属金)从事金融业. 名字里面有金.

2.  一个要水的人,可常去游水, 穿蓝色衣服,到北方(属水)开设矿泉水工厂。名字里面有水如’. 水是柔物,但内藏雄浑之力,水能弯曲其身,处于何种状态的器皿均能变改其形,是代表适应能力,水代表机灵,欠水的人多习水性,其实是增加这些水的的性格,改进自己的性格盲点。
3.  一个要木的人,可常去公园打羽毛球, 穿青色衣服,到东方或东南方(属木)从事种植业或医药业。名字里面有木.
4.  一个要火的人,可常去BBQ, 掛只骏马图在家里因为骏马火強动物, 穿红色衣服,到南方(属火)从事餐飲业, 电子业或电腦业. 名字里面有日.

5.  一个要土的人,可常去爬山因为山为土, 穿黃色衣服, 戴水晶或玉,到东北方或西南方(属土)从事房地产业. 名字里面有土.

我的顧客中有个要土的人, 他从事房地产业, 结果成了拿督. 更有个顧客要火, 从事电腦业, 结果成了百万富翁.

I have translated it into English:-

1.  For the person who desire element is gold or metal element, he or she may go playing the golf more often because golf is white color and round in shape. White color is the color for gold element and circular shape is the shape for gold. On top of that, go visit the white snowy area. Also, go to the West or the Northwest and engaging in the financial industry. He or she may wear a gold or silver ring or chain with him or her
2. For the person whose desired element is water, may go swimming more frequent. Also try to wear blue color clothes as is the color of water. Go to the north to open a mineral water factory.
3. For the person whose desired element is plant or wood, may go to the park to play the badminton, puts on the green clothes, East or Southeast are the directions of plant. He or she can engage in crop production or the pharmaceutical industry. Put more plants in his or her house.
4. For the person whose desired element is fire, may go to BBQ, , puts on the red clothes, South is the direction of the fire element, thus he or she can go to the South to work and sit facing the south in the office. He or she can involve the food and beverage industry, electronics industry or the computer industry.
5. For the person whose desired element is earth, may go and climb a mountain or stay near the hills, wears the quartz or the jade. The northeast or the Southwest is the directions of earth. He or she can involve in the real estate industry.

I have a client who require earth element and he is in the real estate industry, finally became a Dato. On top of that, there is another customer who requires fire and he is in the computer industry, he has become a millionaire.

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