Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feng Shui Prediction 2016

1. Star 1 water is at the South East and hence there may be unwanted flood or huge water problem at the South East Asia. 

2. Worst star 5 is at the North East which will affect Korea and China. There may be wars, terrorist attacks or disasters there. Nevertheless, the economy of China is seeing a slow down.

3. Argument star 3 at the North West which is the sector for the King, male leaders, master, Presidents or Prime Ministers in the Later Heaven Bagua. They may have undesired disputes.

4. The illness star no 2 is at the center of the chart which is very influential. It shows that it is a year of sickness. Thus, watch up for undesired out-break diseases.

5. Three killing which will cause argument is at the South, so as the warrior star 6. Thus, watch out for the disputes in UMNO Johor which is at the South. Johor is an important state for UMNO and its founder, Dato Onn Jaafar (father of the 3rd PM Tun Hussein Onn and grandfather of our current Military Minister) was from there. 

6. There will be terrorist attacks at the south of Thailand too.

7. Star 9 fire is at the East. Beware of volcanic eruption in Japan.  

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