Thursday, July 7, 2016

Turtle is telling us the secrets of the universe.

Black Turtle at the Forbidden City, Beijing.

Turtles have existed in the world much longer than men. Turtle is a very long life animal and it is considered to be very auspicious animal 灵兽 and is a symbol of longevity.

Turtle swims in the waters so it has water element but it can come to the land also and land is considered as earth element. Nevertheless, turtle is a vegetarian so it also belongs to plant element as well. The shell of the turtle is oval or round. This is the shape of gold element thus turtle also have gold element in it too. Green Dragon at the left which is considered to be the east. White tiger at the right which is the west. Red Phoenix at North. Black turtle at south which is the direction for fire. Therefore, basically turtles carry all the five elements; water, plant, fire, earth and gold elements. All the 5 elements 五行 completely can be found in turtle.

The back and front portion of the shell of turtle.

There are three blocks at the centre of the front portion of the shell which represent the heaven, human and earth 天人地三才, 这意味着人是顶天立地. There are 24 blocks which represents the 24 mountains in 24 directions 二十四山 in feng shui compass 罗盘The four great inventions of ancient China refer to papermaking, gunpowder, printing techniques and the compass.  Basically in the compass, we have 8 directions which are the east west north south Northeast Southwest Southeast and Northwest. But, back in the olden days all the directions were actually divided into 24 directions which is called the 24 mountains 二十四山。

Heaven, human and earth 天人地三才 in the ancient coin

Feng shui compass 罗盘

Also, you can also see ten blocks which represents the 10 Heaven stems 十天干 in the calculations of bazi 八字. At the bottom of the shell you will see 12 blocks which represent the 12 earth root 十二地支 in the calculations of bazi八字. the 10 Heaven stems 十天干 and the 12 earth root 十二地支 form the basic of the 60甲子. For further information, please refer to my bazi book 如何以科学DIY透視八字算命?

My bazi book 如何以科学DIY透視八字算命?

Hence, from the shell of turtle, we can see the secrets of the universe.

Turtle is telling us the secrets of the universe. It is used together with the ancient coins to anticipate the future of a person and a matter in I-Ching bagua analysis which has been used since 7 thousands years ago. Of course, it is considered as a very auspicious animal in feng shui.

Penang Island is like a turtle swims in the sea 得天独厚. I have written my first book  that Penang is a good place to enjoy life and is good for holiday makers as turtle moves slow and gentle.

Singapore looks like a crab hence is very aggressive. The crab is like want to take in everything. Turtle being an very auspicious animal on both land and sea . It has existed longer than man kind. It lives longer than any of us here. Penang island is the only turtle swims in the sea in the world. Why damage it? We enjoy peaceful and relaxing life because of that. Thus, don't alter its turtle shape coastline unless you make it a bigger size turtle.

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