Monday, September 5, 2016

Prediction for the year of Rooster 2017 part 1

In my humble opinion, Federation of Malaya was established in 1957 and now is one 60 years cycle一个甲子, is a chicken, 2017 sit at grand duke as 2017 is a rooster too. Whereas, Malaysia is formed in 1963 after East Malaysia joined in, is a rabbit, 2017 crashes the grand duke. Both symbolized major changes for Malaysia. 马来西亚联邦在1957年成立 到现在已经是一个甲子, 属鸡, 2017年坐太岁。马来西亚在东马加入之后在1963年成立 , 属兔子 , 2017年是冲太岁。 坐太岁犯太岁冲太岁都有转变。

2017 though challenging year for the world as a whole and Malaysia specifically but should see some improvements too.

This is due to world negative economic outlook; World's security issue due to terrorism – ISIS and the Middle East conflict.  There has been much fear on the Spartly Island; where China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and Philippine at the East of world. All want to claim ownership rights.  Even though the most auspicious wealth star 8 is here but the 3 killings 三煞 and year breaker 岁破 is there too. Countries at the East of world have wealth but at the same time cannot avoid from unwanted dispute. Same thing is applied to East of Malaysia, they will continue to enjoy goodies from the federal government but there is unwanted difference in political dispute too.

Even through, Malaysia is compounded by political uncertainty. There is hope. This is because the happiness star 9 喜庆星 is at the South East. It will help the South East Asia as the whole. But the happiness star 9 喜庆星 is a fire star hence we cannot run away from hot weather.

Next year the first of the Chinese new year falls on 28 Jan 2017 初一 but in fact the rooster comes on the 7th day 初匕 3 Feb 2017 2334 hence those babies who born before that are still monkey babies instead. Li Chun 立春, the first day of spring is 3 Feb 2017 2334, from its bazi analysis, it is a year day master sits on 7 killings 日元坐匕杀 thus cannot be avoided from being aggressive which means wars, terrorism, IS threat. People tend to be very aggressive and short temper.

The recent China & Russia military training exercise is to show their military alliance & strength. This is to tell US to lay off. Indirectly to warn US, Japan & Philippine, do not wage war against China or Russia. Star no 6, the warrior star is at the North which is the Russia. Russia will show their military strength and don’t play play with them yah. Jangan main main dengan mereka yah.

The recent crude oil crash is due to oversupply. The Americans are pumping in the world more crude oil.  The reasons: i) to hurt Russian's economy and her currency as Russian is the world's no 1. oil exporter.  US & EU are blaming Russia for Ukraine's turmoil & the unresolved MH 17 issue. ii) to stop terrorists, particularly ISIS for selling cheap smuggled crude oil from Syria & Iraq. The argument 3 jade star is at the West, hence the West is still full of IS threat or even worst.

Kuala Lumpur which located at the west of Malaysia will continue to have chaos and demonstration. Federal government will headache about it.

Please spend your money wisely. Keep your Money for rainy days. We are heading towards World economic challenges.  The days ahead will be quite difficult. 

Please stay tuned for more predictions

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