Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Master Lee Prediction for the year of Rooster 2017 (part 2)

The bazi of Federation of Malaya for 2017 shows that the transport or traffic messiness and accidents still will occur, thus have to put extra care when on the roads and purchase some assurance plans as precaution. It also indicates that Malaysians have to work hard for living.

There is seven killings, illustrates that it is still a year of arguments, disputes, IS threats continues and demonstrations are hard to be avoided. Tension among Malaysians is still high. Also, Malaysians have to beware of cholera or food poisoning related matters.

Whereas, the bazi of Malaysia for 2017 shows that there are a numbers of crashes and sex scandals or news about affairs of celebrities. Apart from that, arguments, disputes, IS threats continue and demonstrations are hard to be avoided. Malaysians will feel there is lack of freedom of speech and movement.

The bazi of Li Chun, illustrates that it is a year full of water, thus beware of hurricane, typhoon, heavy rain and flood. With annual flying star 1 which is water star enters into the middle of the chart, it is more convinced that it will happen.

The worst star 5 yellow enters into the South palace; hence the South Thailand is still a place that dangerous to visit. It will affect the economy of Hong Kong and Singapore as well. It will affect Johor as well.

The broken army 破军star 7 is at the South West, the dispute in Brazil will continue and it is a year full of unwanted argument for world lady leaders such as German Chancellor, Taiwan President, UK prime minister and Korean President. The broken army 破军star 7 also mean robbery or things to be stolen including ‘power’ to be stolen from the lady leaders.

Sickness star no 2 enters into the North West, some world male leaders will fall sick. Kedah, North Perak and Penang at the North West of Malaysia have to beware of virus spread. It also means the eldest man in the family feel fall sick.

The 3 killings 三煞 and year breaker 岁破 is at the East, some Philippine president will always be the headline in the international news. South China Sea at the East is still the point of argument among the countries that involve.

Please stay tuned for more predictions for 2017.

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