Sunday, June 11, 2017

The eyebrow of Donald Trump is untidy and messy, the person tends to be a risk taker. The eyebrows of the top leader of Malaysia are very messy; I think he is a risk taker.

If you look at the face of Donald Trump and refer to my face reading book “HOW TO KNOW A PERSON THROUGH FACE READING? 面相, you will find:-
1.    Page 91 – 92
The Chin shows your luck in getting support from your staff. A broad chin indicates that you will always have support from them and it also shows that you will not be lonely during your old age as your family members, your children and grandchildren are always around you.
1.      A broad and fleshy chin indicates good health during your old age of 70 to 75 years and that you will be able to enjoy a prosperous and luxurious old age with many children and grandchildren, this is especially so if the broad and fleshy chin is coupled with meaty earlobes.
2. Page 21
6.      People with fleshy earlobes are able to enjoy their old age (晚年运) compared to those without fleshy earlobes. Also, it is easier for them to keep the money that they have earned and they will be able to enjoy their wealth when they reach their golden years. There are many billionaires with fleshy earlobes. Furthermore, fleshy earlobes also mean that you will have noblemen to assist you, especially from the ladies. A good example of fleshy earlobes can be seen by examining the statute or image of Buddha. The pictures show a number of ears of the top tycoons in the world.
3. Page 47
18.    If the eyebrow is untidy and messy, the person tends to be a risk taker. The eyebrows of the top leader of Malaysia are very messy; I think he is a risk taker.
4. Page 49
1. The eyes are very important as the eyes are the first thing that you look at when you look at a person’s face. …..It is crucial to keep our eyes clear and looking energetic and to avoid our eyes from looking weak and sleepy as the eyes play an important role in governing our luck. Donald Trump has sharp and energetic eyes.
2.      Bruce Lee died at the age of 34 (Chinese age). He has droopy or sleepy eyes 无神, he could not even passed 35.
5. d. Fang Ling 法令
Fang ling is the two lines just beside our mouth. The features of the Fang ling can be an indication of how influential a person is and also the conditions of his or her legs.

1.      If the fang ling is deep and far apart from the mouth, it forms a bell shape. A person with such fang ling, is a very influential leader and he or she enjoys high status in society. You will notice that many world leaders possess such fang ling.

如果你看特朗普的面孔,并参考我的面相书“如何通过面部阅来了解一个人?面相, 你会发现: -

1. 91 - 92

与没有肉的耳垂的人相比,具有肉的耳垂的人能够享受他们的晚年运。此外,他们更容易保留他们所赚取的钱. 当他们达到黄金岁月时,他们将能够享受到财富。有许多亿万富翁却拥有肉而大的耳垂。此外,肉质的耳垂也意味着你将有贵人帮助你,特别是女士们。通过观察所有菩萨佛祖的形象就不难发觉他们都拥有出很好有肉的耳垂。去看看世界顶尖大亨的耳朵吧。


眼睛是非常重要的,因为眼睛是你看着一个人的脸的第一个部分。保持我们的眼睛清晰是非常重要的,眼睛必须看起来精力充沛,我们必须避免我们的眼睛看起来虚弱和困倦,因为眼睛在管理我们的运气中发挥重要作用。唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)眼睛锐利而充满活力.


如果法令与嘴深而远,则形成一个钟形, 那么这样人是一个非常有影响力的领导,他或她在社会上享有很高的地位。你会注意到许多世界领导人拥有这样的方令.

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