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The up and coming state to shine brightly is Johor 以后发展迅速的州属是马来西亚南部的柔佛

I said in my book “How to Enhance your Wealth with Feng Shui? “ During period 7 i.e. from 1984 to 2003, the most powerful countries were at the west. The western world controlled the world. However, we are in period 8 now and period 8 is from 2004 to 2023, the most powerful star now of course is the star no 8 and the star is at the North East and hence the most influential part of the world is the northeast of the earth which is the China and Korea.


Also, this is the time for the young men to shine as the star no 8 is at the Gen gua, which is the youngest son in the ‘later heaven bagua’. This is also the reason why this is the time whereby the young son is very influential in any family and the whole family has to put a lot of attention on the kids as there are more and more small families around. Young married couples like to have small families instead of having a number of children like the olden days. Also, it is time that many relatively young men become the leaders and they are those who control the internet world as it is now era of internet and cyber world.

 另外,这是年轻人闪耀的时候,八号星是在“后天八卦”中最小的儿子,艮卦。这也是为什么这个时候,年幼的儿子在任何一个家庭都很有影响力,全家人都要把注意力放在孩子身上,因为现在有越来越多的小家庭。年轻的已婚夫妇喜欢有小家庭,而不是像过去那样有很多孩子。此外,现在是许多年轻男性成为领导者的时候,而且现在是互联网和网络世界时代的互联网世界, 许多年轻男性领导着互联网世界


I-Ching, Later Heaven Bagua and 2008 annual flying star chart.

Many young male leaders 许多年轻的男性领袖。

Obviously the star no 8 is in control now. Hence, this is only the reason why East Malaysia have started to progress well in period 8. It is Time for East Malaysia to become Prosperous. Undoubtedly, Sabah and Sarawak are the states which are assisting BN to continue ruling Malaysia after 2008 general election thus all the goodies went to Sabah and Sarawak. If you have attended any of my feng shui seminars, I liked to share the annual flying star chart 2008 whereby the star was at the East and Sabah and Sarawak are at the East of Malaysia to gain the wealth during that year.


After period 8 (2004-2023) is period 9 (2024-2043), hence the up and coming state to shine brightly is Johor which is at the South of Malaysia. Of course, you will see that the Johor Royal Family is very influential.  Who is the next potential Prime Minister and may he from Johor? The speed train which link Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will definitely bring Johor Baharu to another new level.  In term of geography, Johor has more usable land compared to State like Pahang which is covered mainly by mountains. Also, Johor is surrounded by sea other than its North side.
In Penang, there was once when Abdullah Badawi became the Prime Minister, he wanted to develop Kepala Batas where he was the MP there during that time and it is also his hometown but it did not last long and now the development of Penang is moving to the South which is Simpang Empat, Batu Kawan and Teluk Kumbar. You will notice Kepala Batas is actually at the North East of Penang.
Star 9 is fire element star; hence the industries that related to fire element will be the potential industries to do well. They are food and beverage industry, electronics industry or the computer industry. Again, cyber related industries like mobile app will continue to rule.
Star 9 is at the South, thus if your bazi need fire element, South facing direction house is definitely your best choice.

八运(二零零四至二零二年), 九运(二零二至二零四年),因此,以后发展迅速的州是马来西亚南部的柔佛。当然,你会看到柔佛皇室是非常有影响力的。未来首相是谁?可能来自柔佛吗?将新加坡和吉隆坡连的高一定会将新山Johor Baharu带到另一个新的高。在地理上,柔佛可用土地土地比主要以山脉为主的彭亨更多的。此外,柔佛被海包围着除了北部以外。
在槟城,曾经Abdullah Badawi当首相,他发展Kepala Batas那是他的选区也是他的家乡,但是那毕竟并没有持续很长时间,现在槟城的发展正在向南方发展,Simpang Empat Batu KawanTeluk Kumbar。你会注意到Kepala Batas其实是在槟城的东北部。
9星是火的元素星; 因此,与火有关的行业将是潜在的好行业。火有关的行业是食品和饮料行业,电子工业或互联网行业。因此,网络相关行业如移动应用程序将继续统治世界。

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