Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Feng Shui Talk for Hong Leong Bank Berhad

I presented the below statement when I conducted the feng shui talk for Hong Leong Bank Berhad at Evergreen Hotel, Penang on 4 Feb 2009.

"I quoted in the Star Newspaper dated 29 Dec 2008 that the year of Ox is generally a turbulence year with critical economy crisis, political dispute, terrorism, diseases and even war. However, we have to be positive towards the challenges that we might face ahead. In fact, we should not be too pessimistic at this point of time.
Accordingly to the flying star chart 2009, the Flying Star no 8 is at the South East.Due to the fact that it is the period of 8 (2004 – 2023), no 8 star is the best star of all and Malaysia is located at the South East Asia should have the lowest negative impact, even though we cannot avoid from the bad impact but our impact will be relatively low.
Star no 9 is at the central of the chart. As star no 9 is a star that bring happiness, hence, we might expect to have good news from time to time. It could be the incentives from the government, electric bill reduction and etc. However, star no 9 is a star of ‘fire’, there will be fire disasters.
The worst star, star no 5 is at the North, followed by the second worst star, star no 2 is at the West. Thus, the Russia, Europe and the United States still have to face a lot problem in term of economy crisis, terrorism and diseases.
Whereas, star no 3 is at the North East and it is a star of argument, thus, there will be political dispute and even war at the North East.
For investment, I would like to advise to go for low risk investment and we hope to see some light after autumn i.e. after Sept 2009."


impi said...

master lee, your comments are relatively simple and clear. makes it easier for novices to understand. thanks a lot for making feng shui available to all. appreciate your predictions.

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Thanks, Swee Im.

This is exactly what I wished to achieve i.e. to make feng shui simple and there are more people that can benifit from the great knowledge rather than make it looks difficult to show that you a knowledgable feng shui master.

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