Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Wrong with the Selangor Exco Office?

I am wondering that there should be some problems with the feng shui of the Selangor Exco Office. Looking at the past one year, there have been numerous problems that happened to the Exco members. We have Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu got into problems and the recent Elizabeth Wong. Thus, who will be the next one....? (Now is Tan Sri Khalid's turn - updated on 2 Mar 09)
I am really looking forward for the opportunity to go the Selangor Exco Office and study the feng shui or the 'Qi' there. I always said that the feng shui or the 'Qi' of the place that you spend the most time will influence you the most. For instance, if you spend more time at home, the feng shui of your home will influence more than any other places. "Feng" is basically the wind or air and "shui" is merely the water. Thus, if you have good air and clear water to surround you, it is good feng shui. But, it does not mean that there is good feng shui if you are staying in a windy house because if it is too windy, the 'Qi' cannot capture well and there will be a leakage of wealth instead. Please refer to my book if you wish to know in more detail.

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