Friday, June 5, 2009

The Feng Shui of Mid Valley Mega Mall

As what I promised earlier, I am going to share the feng shui of some of the well-known spots in Kuala Lumpur in my book and blog. I am able to do it with the help of the latest technology i.e. the 10 mega pixels digital camera and Google Earth. We can actually study feng shui in a better way with the help of the contemporary technology, isn't it? Thanks to Sam and Michael who have helped me to do so. Here goes my article about the Mid Valley.......

Mid Valley Shopping Mall is a renowned commercial and business shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur. The traffic flow around the shopping mall is like a jade belt surrounds the waist of an officer 玉带环抱. The roads that surround the mall form a circle around the mall. Thus, all the qi is surrounding the building. It is auspicious in term of feng shui as it is like someone is protecting the Mid Valley Shopping Mall by hugging it. Thus, the mall is enjoying good business and it manages to attract the crowd. On top of that, at the side of the shopping mall, next to the Garden Hotel is actually the Klang River and the flow of the river is exactly the jade belt surrounds the waist of an officer 玉带环抱. The mall has all the玉带环抱 jade belt surrounds the waist of an officer that it needs.


Anonymous said...


I was wondering, why do you call it a jade belt instead of a sickle? Where do you think the water mouth is? Why the boom is in the mid valley side and not the Kampung Kerichi side? Perhaps you could reveal a little more and make it a little exciting for all.

Thanks in advance.


Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Hi Yifengshui,

I called it jade belt because it is 玉带 in Mandarin. I learnt it in Mandarin then translate into English and I think it is more relevant if I do it this way. I will talk more about the feng shui of KL in my next book. Stay tune. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How about the small Indian temple next to midvalley? Is it guarding the building in a 'spiritual' sense?

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

We should separate religion from feng shui. Sometimes, it is hard to do so. However, Yi Ji is the only book out of the 4 great books left in the history of the world that is none religion related. We need to respect the mother Earth as human being cannot be separated from the Earth since the day 1 you are born to the Earth. Thus, the ground breaking ceremony (in my earlier post) is carried out regardless of what religion is your believe with the purpose to show our respect to the Earth. The Indian Temple is left untouched to show the respect to the Temple. We should stay in hormony in order to have auspicious magnetic energy.