Thursday, July 2, 2009

Again, about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is 50 and 51 according to the Lunar Calendar. Thus, his luck is at his philtrum and will start to move to his chin. Look at his chin, it is very thin. In order to enjoy the old age, the chin of a person should be fleshy. On top of that, his face is without much meat. This shows that he did not enjoy his life. In fact, one should have a fleshy, smooth and clear face. As a matter of fact, I am work hard to put on my weight so that my sharp and thin chin will disappear even though it is a tough job for me.
Here are some of the excerpts that I have taken from my book....
If possible, the following markings should not be on your face:-
1. Lines or wrinkles
2. Scars
3. Moles
4. Protruding bone
5. Cuts
6. Sunken areas
Of course, once we get older, the lines and wrinkles will appear. However, old men and old ladies who have smooth skin would have better lives. One of the good examples is the famous top banker in Malaysia. He is nearly 80 years old but there are not too many wrinkles on his face. The same can be observed from the face of one of the richest men in Hong Kong.

If you notice there are lines, wrinkles or moles start to appear on your face, it shows you will encounter more problems. As we grow older, we tend to have more problems than before; we will have to worry for our health, family, career and children.


KM's Corner 刻骨铭心 said...

Dear Master Lee,
I am impress with the great Feng Sui sharing and information from your blog. It is a good start for me to learn about Feng Sui when I discovered your blog on yesterday. I feel glad to talk with you just now and wish I can meet you soon :) I wish you have a pleasant and safe trip to your next traveling plan to HK.

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Thanks, KM Sek for leaving good comment my blog. I can see from your blog that you are someone who love children very much. Great and looking forward to see you after my feng shui trip to Hong Kong.

Hong CN said...

Master Lee, agree with your explanation on aging. I assume - the more we worry about, the more wrinkles we will "gain".

Tommy Tan said...

Hi Master Lee,

I have moles in my left face... does it mean this moles should be remove in order to have good life ???

But some believe moles bring certain luck to a person in a certain location ?? please advise..

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Hi Tommy,

In my next coming book i.e. HOW TO KNOW A PERSON THROUGH FACE READING, I say that none of the moles is good on our face except the one on our ears. I think it will be better if you can take a picture of your face then email to me at I will advise you.