Tuesday, February 2, 2010

立春 Beginning of Spring - Happy Chinese New Year.

文房四宝 Studying Tool.
4 Feb 2010 Thursday is the立春 Beginning of Spring. Hence, start from 4 Feb 2010, whoever that born from 6.48am that day onwards are considered as ‘tiger’. Please refer to the article as per the link . It is a good article.
Happy Chinese New Year.

DO THESE (the below mentioned remedies) on 4 Feb 2010……It is a very important message from me! Please take it seriously.

Annual Star 1 White (water) goes to the West. Good for studies, wealth and career. Spend more time there. Enhance the sector with Water Feature.

Annual Star 2 Black (earth) flies to the North East. This sector will cause illness, loss of wealth and it is where the unwanted spirits like to gather at the sector. Minimize the inauspicious qi by placing a ‘Fortune water’ 安忍水.

Annual Star 3 Jade (plant) will go the South. It will cause constant arguments and in extreme cases, it may lead to legal lawsuits. Place a Red Carpet / Red packet.

Annual Star 4 green (plant) will go the North and hence the North will be the best place for studying and thinking, particularly well if you need to make important decision. There may be potential romantic encounters and better relationship for couples. Place a文房四宝 Studying Tool.

The worst Annual Star 5 yellow (earth) goes to the South West. It is the worst place of the year and most dangerous sector particularly if you sleep at the South West of your house or your main door is located there. No renovations in this area. Beware of accidents and obstacles. You must place a ‘Fortune water’ 安忍水 there.

Annual Star 6 White (gold) flies to the East. It is good for career advancement and indirect wealth. Enhance the sector with a Crystal.

Annual Star 7 Red (gold) goes to the South East. Possible argument and medical compilation. Potential break-in if your main door is located here. Minimize the inauspicious qi by placing a cup of water.

Annual Star 8 White (earth) flies to the Centre of your house. As it is the period of 8, no 8 star is the best star of all. It is the wealth location. Enhance the sector by placing an aquarium, fan or clock to circulate the flow of the good qi.

Annual Star 9 purple (fire) flies to the North West. A lot of happy events such as new born baby and marriage if you utilize this sector or if your main door is located here. It is also the 2nd wealth sector. Enhance the sector by placing a money plant there.

Happy Chinese New Year.


Jim BizSquare said...

Thank for the sharing, master lee.

Jennifer Ng Lee Ting said...

Thanks for the sharing.

Is the remedies varies in different year?

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Yes, there are different remedies in different year. You can get the answers from my book "How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?"

Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

seon said...

Never know that nuffnanger have feng shui master....nice nice