Monday, March 29, 2010

MCA Election

Do allow me to write something about the election result of the MCA. From what I have analyzed from the feng shui of the MCA headquarter. (Please refer to my previous post ), I did say that the feng shui of the MCA headquarter is actually favorable to the women and you can see Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen won without any problem as the highest voted vice president of MCA.
Also, as per my previous post , period 8, 2004 to 2023 is a period for the young men to shine brightly as 8 is at the Gen gua. We can notice that there are some relatively young leaders like Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai and Gan Peng Sieu won the race unexpectedly. From the study of face reading, both of them have 'GOOD’ faces. Another shining young man is expected be the son of the president who is relatively very young and is expected to be appointed an important role in MCA or in the government.

However, from the result of the election, all the parties involved have actually gain something and none of the leaders can actually claim that they have won the election. It is in-line with what I have predicted 三強鼎立….

你可否注意到这次马华选举落败的总会长和署理总会长后选人不是流年犯太岁就是流年冲太岁. 翁诗杰面相并不错, 只是时不于我.

I quoted from my book “How to Know a Person through Face Reading?” "A square forehead indicates that the person is career-minded and has good analytical skill. A lot of outstanding engineers and scientists have this type of forehead.” Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat has this type of forehead. He should be a good engineer but not a good politician.

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