Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Feng Shui of MCA Headquarter

I am curious to understand why MCA has not been doing any better than before for these couple of years. There have been ceaseless arguments since last year. When I went there, I noticed there are two main entrances to the building of MCA which are facing the North and to be exact, it should be 358 degree. According to I-Ching 易经, it is the 坤为地, kun earth gua and as kun gua is the gua for lady master hence it is actually a favourable gua for women and not men. 2010 is a year of 'Thunder Earth Yu Gua’ 雷地豫卦, imaging if there is thunder in the Earth, it cannot be a peaceful year for MCA. It is also the reason why it is not stable year on Earth as there will be many land erosion Also, as the five yellow, the worst flying star was at the North in 2009, thus, you will notice there was a turbulence year for MCA last year.

Temple at the Left Hand Side of the MCA Headquarter

On top of that, there is a temple at the left hand side of the MCA headquarter. Hence, there is a lot of yin qi, negative energy that will gather near the temple, it creates negative impact to MCA. The yin spirits like to gather at the temple but they cannot enter into the temple, thus, they will stay around the temple. Therefore, MCA headquarter gets the inauspicious qi instead. Other than that, the roofs of the temple which are like horns are actually pointing towards the direction of MCA, they create negative qi to MCA.

Citi Bank Building at the Right Hand Side of the MCA Headquarter

Also you will notice that, the Citi Bank Building which is taller than the MCA headquarter is at the right of the MCA headquarter, it symbolizes that there are ceaseless back stabbing, however, it is actually favourable for ladies politicians as the white tiger is actually more powerful than the green dragon on the left hand side. If the white tiger which is at the right hand side is stronger, it indicates that there will be ceaseless back stabbing and it is definitely more favourable to the ladies. Therefore, do not take the influence of the MCA Wanita likely.
Of course, as per my previous post, period 8, 2004 to 2023 is a period for young men to shine brightly as 8 is at the Gen gua. Hence, do not ignore the factors of the MCA Youth as well.

Sad to see that when you enter the MCA headquarter through the main entrance at the middle of the building, you will notice the land is actually going downward. It is very inauspicious as it symbolizes that MCA is going downward instead of upwards.

Apart from that, there is a construction right in front of the building of MCA. When there is a construction near a place, the qi at the place will be very inauspicious because the noise and dust at the construction site is bad for feng shui.

Also, there is a road right opposite of the MCA Building and the vehicles move from the upland to the downward land. It is a sha, negative point in term of feng shui.


Beauty in Nature said...

If the white tiger which is at the right hand side is stronger, this indicates that it is more favourable to the ladies. Does this mean that for ladies, it will be a good if we stay at a place with higher building at the right side than the left side?

Beauty in Nature said...
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Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Hello Jennifer Ng,

White tiger, right is the place for women and at the same time is the place for 小人, hence if the right hand side is stronger then it may be good for the ladies as the ladies are more powerful compared to the men but at the same time, 你也可能常犯小人呀! 要小心处理呀!