Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Feng Shui fan from Switzerland

Let me introduce you to my feng shui fan from Switzerland, Jean-Marc Baudat. I knew Jean-Marc Baudat via Facebook and he came to Penang last week to meet up with me. Jean-Marc Baudat is a martial art lover and he is a professional sao lim kung fung master in Switzerland. His passion in the oriental arts is remarkable. His interests in feng shui, qi gong, kung fung, I-Ching and tai chi are very strong and you can hardly believe how a Westerner who does not know Chinese spent his times to translate the every single words in difficult Chinese characters in I-Ching to French. As a Chinese, I feel embarrassed for not being as persistent and consistent as he is to pursue the theory of I-Ching. Please refer to his website
and you will agree with I have said.

He told me the area where he stays has auspicious feng shui whereby there are higher mountains on the left which is the location of the green dragon and in front of the area is a lake and that is auspicious red phoenix. Furthermore, it is according to the I-Ching and the area is the ‘earth water teacher gua’ 地水师卦 whereby the sea level of the lake is lower than the land and hence there are many teachers or martial art masters in his area. I really hope that I could have a chance to visit the place as Switzerland is my favorite country with beautiful mountains and lakes which I have visited before during my vacations when I studied in Glasgow, Scotland.
He also shared his view that he thinks that the three lines on the Adidas shoes are the Qian Gua of the I-Ching which is the gua of master, heaven and of course the most important and powerful gua in the bagua.

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