Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saiful's Forehead

You will notice that there are some obvious black patches on Saiful's forehead. As what I mentioned in my book, How To Know A Person Through Face Reading?, forehead represents our luck from lunar ages 15 until 30.
In my book, I said that, "The forehead indicates the luck of a person in terms of career, travelling and parents. Apart from that, the forehead also illustrates the analytical ability of a person. A good forehead should have no moles, no scar and no protruding bone. The forehead should be broad and high. A high forehead also indicates that the person has good academic prospects. The centre of the forehead illustrates career luck. Apart from that, the forehead also represents your luck during your youth age of 15 to 30 years old. As the forehead is critical in governing a person’s luck, thus, it is crucial that it is not always covered with hair."

Also, I said that, "Different position on the face represents the different characteristic and luck of a person during certain age range based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is important in face reading to understand the positions that represent the lunar ages.

Ears – Age 1 to Age 14
Forehead – Age 15 to Age 30
Eyebrows – Age 31 to Age 34
Eyes – Age 35 to Age 40
Nose and cheeks – Age 41 to Age 50
Lips and chin – Age 51 to Age 70 "

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