Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Open Letter to the Chief Minister of Penang on what go wrong with the feng shui of Komtar. (PART 2)

3. The Chinese name for Komtar is 光大 which mean big fire, however, this is period 8 and period 8 is Gen gua according to the later heaven bagua and it is the period for earth. If the fire of Komtar is used to produce the earth, Komtar is in fact reducing its energy instead.

4. Also, as Komtar is big fire but there is a geodesic Dome at the South of Komtar. Moreover, south is area of fire. The energy of the fire is used to burn the gold there because the shape of the geodesic Dome is hemi-spherical and it is the shape of gold.

5. We always said that capture the auspicious qi is crucial and it is awesome for us to shake the hands of those renowned and wealthy people or stay close to them. Thus, the residence areas of those rich guys are mostly with auspicious qi. Look at Komtar now; is it a place for those wealthy men? Most of time, it is full with foreign labors during the weekend. In fact, it is marvelous that if we stay close to those wealthy men to gain the auspicious qi from those who are having amazing luck. It is even better if you can share the hands of those who are having good luck such as those who have just won a prize, won a lucky draw, ‘kena lottery’ or awarded by the Sultans.
Thank you very much. I hope with these two cents advices could give you a different view from a different perspective and wish you all the best in making Penang a prosperous state.

Yours sincerely,

Master Lee Cheng Hoe
1st Class Hon Mech Eng. University of Strathclyde,U.K.

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Kean Lim said...

I think it may be too costly and not possible to move the office from KOMTAR to somewhere else for the time being.

However, should Penang Government take the very first initiative to move its office to a better building, which is perhaps a green building and a well-defined location with the help of Feng Shui consultant, I would like to say its advantage can be very far overweight its cost.

More water fountain and trees should be built. Building of infrastructure and privatization of constructing rapid transit are encouraged. Water should be clean and deepened.

I hope one day, Penang will emerge as a bustling city and will possess Hong Kong skyline with Singaporean characteristics of sustainable development.