Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Open Letter to the Chief Minister of Penang on what go wrong with the feng shui of Komtar. (PART 1)


Y.A.B Tuan Lim Guan Eng,
Chief Minister of Penang.

Dear Sir,
I know you are having a lot of headache now in handling the recent issues that happened in Komtar As a Penangite who loves Penang deeply, I would hope to provide my two cents advice to the Government of Penang on what go wrong with the feng shui of Komtar.
As a matter of fact, if you read my previous posts in my blog, you will notice that I actually have written a number of articles about Komtar as the below links:-

Dead Tree at the South West of Komtar

I notice that:-
1. It was used to be a water fountain at the South West of Komtar when the phase 1 Komtar project was completed, however the area is now without any water fountain but instead a dead tree has been placed there. If you read my post, there should be water at the South West in order to enhance the potential and capability of wealth gaining. On top of that, South West is exactly the area of earth according to later heaven bagua but instead; you will notice there is a dead tree there at the South West of Komtar. The plant crushes the earth there as the roots of tree will break out the soil/earth. Furthermore, we have to bear in mind that the qi that we require is the qi with life and positive energy. It is certainly not a good idea to place some things without any life and qi in our house or work place. For instance, the wilted plants or dried flowers. Hence, the first thing is do is to remove the dead tree at the area where both the Dato Kramat Road and Penang Road meet.

Overhead Brigde At the North of Komtar.

2. Most of the Penangites address the overhead bridge at the North of Komtar as ‘octopus overhead bridge’ but octopus has 8 legs, the overhead bridge in fact has 5 legs instead. In another word, it is an overhead bridge with five stair cases. 5 is 5 yellow in the bagua and in fact is the most inauspicious star. The 5 yellow is the earth element and it can be found at the North of Komtar. North is the area of water element. The earth of the overhead bridge actually crushes the water at the North. This is because the smooth flow of water will be blocked if you place a huge stone (earth element) there. To reduce the bad impact of this overhead bridge with 5 legs, we should in fact add another leg or stair-case to the overhead bridge to make it a 6 legs bridge as 6 is gold and gold produces water.

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Kean Lim said...

Since Penang Government encourages the developers in designing and constructing green buildings, as more and more people in today world believe Feng Shui does exist and enhance lifestyle, I think the authority can take initiative, perhaps the first in the modern world to employ Feng Shui consultants to advice her development. It is not the joke of the century. It may be extraordinary. But, it does not harm the city unless the feng shui consultants is a deceiver.

The design of the building and development of the infrastructures must be carefully reviewed by the authority with the help of feng shui consultant. It may be costly and its advantage can be far more overweight its cost.