Monday, November 15, 2010

My Book is Ready

Wow, my feng shui class on 20/11/10 has already full and there are still a number of people who wrote to me to request me to enrol them into the class. Thus, I am planning to set up another class on 19 Dec 2010 Sunday 2.00pm. The details of the class is the same as per the class on 20/11/10 but just a change of date.If you are interest, please write to me at

Here go my book… can now purchase it online Thank you so much for your support.

A feng shui book that you should not miss before you purchase a house.
240 pages of highly useful knowledge and wisdom in feng shui that will help you to improve the quality of your life!

Master Lee Oriental Astrology Series 2011

• Easy to read and understand.
• Packed with real life examples.
• Feng Shui DIY made easy.
• More than 40 Local and International feng Shui case studies.

Illustrated with helpful diagrams and pictures, this book answers your questions on:
o How to maintain and enhance wealth wih Feng Shui?
o How to enhance the relationship with your spouse?
o How do you improve your romance luck?
o How do you improve your career luck?
o How to enjoy good business by using the correct colours to design your website, signboard and name card?
o How to live healthily with Feng Shui?
o For a lady who wished to conceive a baby, can Feng Shui help?

The normal selling price at the book stores is RM36.80. If you purchase online, it is RM33.00 (for West Malaysia inclusive of postage) for the physical book. If you are a member of the Penang Feng Shui Club, it is ONLY RM28.00 for the physical book. Registration to be a member is absolutely FREE
RM28.00 for the Ebook. If you are a member of Penang Feng Shui Club, it is ONLY RM20.00.

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