Thursday, March 3, 2011

You can find all my books here.

A number of readers wrote to me and asked whether can they come to my office to purchase my books but I m sorry that I always disappointed them. This is because I have to move about and you can hardly find me in my office.
Also, I m trying to cut down all the unnecessary overhead cost so that I do not have to charge high to sustain an elegant office with staffs who wearing expensive jackets. I m adopting the concept of AirAsia i.e. "Now everyone can fly". My slogan is "Now, everyone can afford feng shui" instead. Hence, I always encourage my readers to buy my books via my website. It will be even better if you will to purchase the e-books to save the World as we do not have to print them.
We have gotten an agent to distribute the books to all the book shops but if you ask me where can you find my books in any of the book shops. Honestly, my answer will be "I do not know." as I can control those giant and popular book shops. I m a small tiny fly and they are huge giant. However, I m very sure you can find all my books in SBC Pen Books Distributors Sdn Bhd as I put my books there personally. SBC is at the same street as my office and the detail of the location is as below. It is near to Ambank and opposite Maybank and Public Bank. However, you will have to pay more compare to what you can get via my website as I need to pay them for placing my books in the shop of course.
SBC Pen Books Distributors Sdn Bhd.,
45A, Lintang Angsana,
11500, Bandar Baru Air Hitam (Farlim),
Google map (Click the below link to know the actual location)
Another place where you sure will get my books are:-
Syarikat Sri Jaya,
46 & 48, Nordin Street,
10300, Georgetown,

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Anonymous said...

Yes Better buy direct from Master, I have done that and find his books very easy to understand and you will learn a lot :)