Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Even though, I have been very busy recently as I have to do quite a lot of travels but my days became bright with lots of energy when I received the following postcard, email and sms.

By the way, if I do not answer to your email or sms quick enough recently, please forgive me as there are certain places where I have no access to the Internet nor telephone line. However, I promise you I shall try to get back to you once I find an access to the Internet or telephone line.

Now, I m looking forward for my feng shui audit trip to Bangkok 21/5/11 to 24/5/11 and if there is an opportunity, I shall share with you my Bangkok trip.

Let me share with you my recent happy events:-

First, I received a postcard from Auckland, New Zealand and it is from Michael Teoh, a global leader and ambassador I knew Michael about 4 years ago when he came and consulted me and this is my article about him I told him that I m very glad to know that he has done so well as what I predicted previously when he has yet to win the global competition in Liverpool which he beat 45000 candidates from 168 countries. He has been recognised as the global ambassador and he is currently travelling around the world to deliver his speech. He is now a great speaker. I m so proud of him and he is another example to show that young man as per the i-ching bagua gen gua is the one who control the world now. Keep it up, Michael and all the young men out there. (Even Lee Kuan Yew recognises this fact now)

Secondly, I received a wonderful email from Ms. Lee Cheng of Hong Kong and the content of the email (as above) is sufficient to make my days bright and full of energy. I have proven it once again that I will never wrong that the return that you get is always much better than anything if you provide your help sincerely without looking solely on the reward in term of money.

Thirdly, no doubt, when I received the above sms from Fei in Kuala Lumpur I was really over delighted. Hope that you can share the same belief like me i.e. do not ask how much can I get now if I contribute my time, knowledge and energy. Instead, believe that the return will come if you work sincerely. Of course, the return or the reward may not be in the form of lots of money but instead lots of happiness and people may remember you even though you are far apart from them and the love that we share can be across the ocean.

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