Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why Perodua is doing better than Proton?

Do you notice that the automotive companies which are doing good are those companies' with logos of round or circular shape? Apart from that, those vehicle companies with a horse in their logos are also performing outstandingly.

Though, the recent press releases showed that those Japanese automotive companies such as Toyota and Nissan are not doing very good in this quarter due to the serious earthquake in Japan, but I believe it is just a temporary down turn and they should be able to turn around very effectively as the sales demand is high.

The design of the logos do help the companies as they are designed according to the shape of the wheel. The shape of the wheel is round and not square or triangle. Even though the logo of Honda looks square but if you observe it carefully, actually, the edges of the logo are rounded up.

In I-Ching, horse is considered as an animal which will always run about and the logos of the vehicle companies with a running horse is also considered as a good choice.

The below automotive companies are not doing very good and you should know why.

Also, as what I mentioned in my previous article that food and catering industry is the fire element industry and you can notice that the major color of the logos of those popular international fast food restaurants such as Mc Donald and KFC is red. Red is the color for fire element. However, I was told that Mc Donald has started to change the logo to black color and I want to see what will be the impact after they change it completely. However, the M character in the Mc Donald does help as it is like the shape of teeth and we use teeth to eat.

Sakae Sushi is doing good as the color in their logo is green and is the color for the plant element and we use plant to produce fire. It is definitely a GOOD CHOICE!

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