Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Horoscope for Rooster 2012

‘月德’:乃太阴之德,功能与天德略同而稍逊。月德入命,主福分深厚,长寿,不犯官刑。月德是阴德,其功效隐密。’月德’是一颗强而有力的贵人星. 也见’玉堂星’出现, ’玉堂星’是一颗一级吉星,主有贵人助运.

‘地解’和 ’解神’是一颗贵人星,主逢凶化吉,但需要先见凶而后化吉. 你的事业将会更进一步。由于你得到’八座’吉星护航,代表你工作职位有所提升,有机会统领下属,渐渐在声望上凌驾他人.

虽然如此, ‘死符星’



Yue De’ is a good fortune star which will prolong one’s life and prevents one from committing any legal offence. ‘Yue De’ is your powerful nobleman star. There will many noblemen or helps available whenever you require helps.

"Di Xie’ and ‘Xie Shen’ will also there to assist you. They are to turn the ill luck into the good luck. But you have to see bad one first before you meet with the lucky one.

Nevertheless, despite the good stars, the star of ‘Si Fu Xing’ represents you will may encounter some argument problem in work with other staffs. This will cause the delay in the completion of the tasks that assigned by your boss and will make your boss unsatisfied with your performance. Another condition is your colleague may try to strive for good performance and back-stab you and this causes every work that you have done ends up in a complete mess and your effort finally is irrevocability lost.

The exempt of ‘peach blossom’ especially with the appearance of ‘Xian Chi’ happens for the rooster, thus, the rooster has to be watchful of undesired romance with confused feelings.


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