Sunday, December 25, 2011

Prediction for the year of dragon 2012 (part 3)

Let’s use the first day of the year which is the li chun 立春 and the annual flying chart 九宫飞星to determine what we are going to expect for the year of dragon. As we use the birth time of a person to read the bazi fortune of that person, thus we should use the birthday of the year i.e. the li chun of the year to determine what is going to be expected for the year of dragon.

The li chun falls on 4 Feb 2012 1820. I have to remind you that ONLY those babies who are born on and after this time are considered dragon babies. The bazi four pillars 四柱of the li chun is with the day master 日元of yi plant 乙木. The bazi four pillars 四柱 are 壬辰年, yang water dragon year, 壬寅月 yang water tiger month, 乙未日 yi plant goat day and 乙酉时 yi plant rooster time. It is a time that is full of plants.

Basically, Bazi is similar to Einstein's theory of relativity, the balance point. If your day master is plant and you find that there are too many plant elements in the 4 pillars, then do not use that element anymore. Instead, when you find that there are too few plants, then use it.

In the case of the li chun 立春for the year of dragon, it requires gold / metal elements to trim and beautify the plants. Therefore, the world economy requires the support of gold-related industries such as banking and finance, gold trading etc. 金融市场主導经济.

As a matter of fact, it is fortunate that there are direct resources penetrating through or appearing clearly as the year and months unfold 印星透出. The direct resources 印星 are the love of mothers, mentors or elderly persons. Hence, even though the world is facing critical problems financially, all the governments will not let their economies go down just like that. They will all come out with strategies and policies to minimize the problems that we shall face. In another word, the world needs assistance from the 大哥 HEAD i.e. assistance from the governments. In fact, the head of the world today is China.

However, at the same time, you will notice that there is no direct officer 正官 in the bazi four pillars 四柱of the li chun 立春. Direct officer 正官 in bazi refers to officer, government, and leader. It is also a tough year for governments to win the support from their people. The trust, support and confidence of the people towards their governments are generally low. Hence, we will expect to see some demonstrations against the governments. As many have said that this is a year of 'election' whereby there are going to have 59 countries in the world that are going to hold their general elections on 2012, I would predict there will be more ruling governments that are going to lose their power in the election or the number of seats that they will win may be decreased due to the mentioned fact.

Also, the presence of star no 7, the broken army, 破军 means war, robbing, serious argument will be at the 乾宫 qian master palace. The 乾宫 qian master palace is the palace for father, King, Head, President or Prime Minister. Therefore, it is not an easy year for male leaders and CEO of the companies.

If come the general election, Perak, Penang and Kedah will have tough fight (arguments) as star no 7 is there at the North West. All the states are at the North West of Malaysia.

Please stay tuned as more valuable prediction is on the way......

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