Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Feng Shui Talk and Happy Chinese New Year

I will hold my free feng shui talk at the Public Bank, Relau Branch, Penang at 18 Feb 2012 Saturday 10.30am to 11.30am. If you are interested, please kindly write to me informing me your full name, no of seats that you would like to have and your telephone no. Thanks and see you there.
I wish to wish you a very happy new year with my own writing and one of the wishes is 飞龙在天 is from the I-Ching 易经 which means the dragon is flying at the Heaven. It is to describe someone who has achieved highest success!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. Thank you so much for your support all this while. Also, I would like to apologize to those who I have failed to provide a better service due to my tight schedule. Of course, I m not a perfect man and there are times that I do mistakes. Please forgive me.

Year of rabbit is a very special year for me. This is a year that I have many opportunities to meet up with many great people either in Malaysia or overseas. I appreciated my encounters with all of them who I considered as people that I have the fate to meet up. I have met up with people from all walks of life and different races. Nevertheless, it never failed to give me pleasant surprises from time to time. I have meet up with some important people in the government, rich people, someone that bought the house that Mahathir once stayed, someone related to the Sultan of Brunei, nice doctors, handicapped, poor and many more. However, due to my professionalism, I would like to ask for your forgiveness as I cannot follow the will of some individuals and perform some actions that are not in-line with my principles.

Even though this year I have managed to do many accurate predictions but there are time that I failed to read things accurately too. Of course, as an ordinary man, I do make mistakes. Thus, I always tell those who come and see me not to set very high expectation on me. I would always tell them that I will try my best but I m not God. I would try to provide my best consultation within my mean. I will apply all my knowledge and experience to help you but I cannot change things overnight.

Very often I receive encouraging email, sms or comment in my blog or Facebook. This is enough to cheer me up for a whole day. Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments from those that I have not even met before.

Again, nothing is perfect and I did encountered some sad moment too. I was really depressed when someone told me that her handicapped friend was cheated and molested by a so-called feng shui master and eventually committed suicide …sigh! I know that I cannot do anything to stop thing like that from happening but life must go on. Do not lose your hope, focus and direction when you encounter problem. Think positively and the positive energy will somehow lead you to find the way and your noblemen. Hence, I would encourage you to learn about the valuable ancient knowledge such as I-Ching, flying stars feng shui theory, bazi 4 pillars reading and astrology in a rational and scientific way. Learn what our ancestors said and you will find the right path toward your life. Remember, never be a superstitious guy and lose your focus and direction.

Pardon me for not be able to produce my bazi reading book in 2011, but I m sure it is going to be my first priority in the year of dragon. Even though it is not an easy job but with the help of Kean Seng and Aaron, we will make it happen in 2012.

There are many people that I wish to thank and I do not think I can list them all out. Once again, wishing you a prosperous and happy New Year and Buddha bless you. Remember this, say good, positive and encouraging words to others everyday and it will bring positive energy or qi to you.

我想藉此机会祝福大家新年快乐, 万事如意。谢谢你在这一段时间的支持。除此以外,我想在此向那些我因为行程繁忙而不能提供更好服务的友人说声抱歉。当然,身为一位凡人, 我也会犯错误的时候。请您原谅我。

对我来说, 兔年是很特别的年。这是一年,我有很多机会接触到许多在马来西亚或海外的优秀的人. 我都很感谢有机会与你们结个善缘, 阿彌陀佛, 感恩感恩。每次与来自各阶层和不同种族的友人相遇都会给我不同的惊喜。有些是重要的政府高官,有钱的,購买前首相住过房子的,与汶莱苏丹有关连的、心地善良的好医生, 更有些可怜的, 残疾的和更多更多。但是,请原谅我, 基于我的职业道德, 我不能顺着某些人的欲愿而违背我的做人原则。

虽然今年我有做出很多精确的预测, 但我也有无法准确预测的时候。当然,作为一个普通的人,我确实会犯错。因此,我总是告诉那些人过来找我的友人不要对我设置了很高的期望。我总是会告诉他们我会尽力但我不是神。我会设法提供我最好的帮助,将我所有的知识和经验来帮助你,但是我无法在一夜之间做出完全的改变。

我经常在我的电子邮件、电话, Facebook中收到令人鼓舞的留言, 而这些留言足以使我开心了一整天。非常感谢你们。

同样,没有什么是完美的,我也遇到一些悲伤的时刻。我当时真的郁闷因为有人告诉我她的残疾朋友被一些所谓的风水师骗了,调戏了, 非礼了,而这位残疾朋友最终却自杀了 …可悲 !我知道我不能做任何事来阻止这样事情的发生,但生命必须继续下去。当我们遇到问题时请不要丢失希望、 重点和方向。积极去面对, 正面的能量将以某种方式来引导你找到方向和你的贵人。因此,我鼓励大家多以理性和科学的方式去了解易经、九宫飞星风水学、四柱八字算命等宝贵的古代知识。了解我们的祖先所说的话,你将在你的生活中找到正确的道路. 请记住,永远不要迷信和失去你人生的重点和方向。

原谅我不能在 2011 年把我四柱八字算命书弄好,但我相信它将会是我在龙年里的首要任务。尽管它不是简单容易的事,但有建成 和Aaron的帮助,我们会让它在 2012 年发行。

我要感谢很多人,但我不能一一把他们列出, 还请大家原谅。再次,愿你有个幸福快乐的一年, 佛保佑你。请记住这一点,说好话, 做好事会为你带来积极的能量与气。

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Tan from Penang said...

Master Lee, Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family, may this year of the Dragon bring you great prosperity, fantastic health and lots of good time....