Monday, January 2, 2012

Prediction for the year of dragon 2012 (part 4)

Star no 6 武曲 will enter to the center of the flying star chart this year. The star that is in-charge in the year of dragon is star no 6. 武曲. Star no 6, 武曲 means 武官army, 偏财 indirect wealth. Thus, this is a year that the army will control and this is good time for the gaming industry. Watch out for situation in Thailand and North Korea. Also, when the economy is bad, people tend to put their hope in gaming.

Also, comparatively, 2011 is a year for lady leaders but 2012 is a year for elderly male leaders as 6 is乾 qian master. However, because the current period is period 8, 6 is not a very favorable star 失令星 compared to stars 8, 9 and 1. Thus, there will be more money scandals which might involve the leaders. Some might have to step down due to money scandals as star no 6, 武曲 means偏财 indirect wealth.

We can notice star no 3, the argument star, enters into the Kun palace at the South West. The Kun palace is a place for lady master, mother and elderly ladies. Thus, there will be more arguments, bad-mouthing and back stabbings which involve lady leaders and elderly ladies.

Star no 8, the wealth star, is at the West. It helps the economy of the United States and Klang Valley in West Malaysia. The economy of the world is 先苦后甘, 宜退守 i.e. suffer first and enjoy later. We have to act conservatively and cannot be overly aggressive 步步为营. The United States needs the support from the noblemen or mentors 美国要贵人扶持. The weak economy needs some time to become better and it cannot turn well in just over night疲弱经济会躭延一段时间. I feel that The United States is more ready compared to the economy crisis that they faced in 2008 and 2009. They are more prepared to face the challenges this round compared to other countries in Europe as star no 8 is there.

Star no 9, the happiness star, is at the North East and hence China should be OK. But, since star no 9 is a star of fire, thus there might be drought and flood disasters in China.

Star no 1, a water star is at the South and hence I predict that there will be water related problem in Australia. Johor will be flooded too.

The property industry will also go down a bit in 2012. As the bazi of the li chun is strong plant, the strong plant will clash the property industry which is earth element. The stock market should be better in the months that have more gold elements i.e. August and September.

The favorable directions or areas in the year of dragon are South, West and North East. The industries that are expected to perform well are the water and plant-related industries. Water industry refers to those who are involved in the areas of sales, marketing, trading, transportation, tourism, gambling etc. The plant industry involves those who are in the fields of education, medicine, fashion, plantation etc. From the stock market investment point of view, you can consider buying stocks that are involved in these industries.

As I said before, 2012 is a year of strong water dragon. As, the water stem clashes the earth root, we can expect to see more undesired disasters and diseases compared to the year of rabbit in 2011. This is particularly applicable to the South East area where the most inauspicious star 5 is there, especially in the month of October.

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