Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The River of Singapore vs The Sungai Pinang

River of Singapore now

River of Singapore before 1977.

Sungai Pinang (River of Pinang) looks black from the Google Earth.

It is true that Sungai Pinang is black, oily and dirty.

Abandoned buildings near Sungai Pinang.

I have just shared a very crucial term in feng shui in my recent feng shui seminar at PISA which we say 山管人丁水管财 which means the mountain governs the people and the water governs the wealth. In fact, I have shared it many times in my blog, books and seminars. In Chinese, we say 山灵人杰 which means if there are wonderful mountains in a place, then there will be wonderful people from the place.

However, if you look at Singapore. Singapore is in fact an island on a very flat land. the tallest hill is Bukit Timah which is only 537 feet and Penang Hill is 2450 feet. You need to put 5 Bukit timah together in order to make a Penang Hill. Lee Kuan Yew knew exactly that he could not depend on the hills of Singapore, hence he used water.

In 1977, Lee Kuan Yew started to clear up the River of Singapore. Singapore started to attract talents around the world with their wealth as Singapore has wonderful water now. As a matter of fact, my friend, a senior lecturer from a popular Singapore college told me that many top students in her higher education institute are from Malaysia. Also, my daughter told me that many top students in her school have been offered scholarship to go Singapore even before they graduate from school. We have to admit that 人才外流 (talents go overseas) is a serious problem in Malaysia!

Look at Sungai Pinang (River of Penang). It is black, dirty and oily river. But, good to see that the State Government under the leadership of YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng has worked hard to clear the Sungai Pinang but I would say there are many rooms for improvement.

Go to Sungai Pinang and you will notice there are many abandoned buildings there as per the pictures I showed above!

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