Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Earthquake at Aceh, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Amitaba, hope that the impact of the 8.7 earthquake at the Aceh, North Sumatra, Indonesia is at the minimum level and let us pray for the victims.

I hope nobody will blame me for using this tragedy to promote my accurate prediction again. It is never my intention to do so!

The earthquake happened at 16:38:37 11 April 2012. This is the hour that fall under the time of 2 dragons at the year of yang water dragon and the month of dragon as well. In Chinese it is defined as 双龙出海 double dragons come from the sea. You could felt another shake later which was reported with rate at 8.2! Also, It was happened on the day of yang water tiger and the hour of monkey. Tiger and monkey is a clash and monkey and dragon is 辰申二合为水 the combination of dragon and monkey will become water. Thus, there are a lot of water. The Mother Nature is giving us a wake up call. DON'T DESTROY THE WORLD BUT SAVE IT!

Furthermore, the day pillar is yang water tiger which is the horse star that block the road and horses always move about and cannot stop or stay calm easily, coupled with the crush, and hence earthquake 壬寅日是截路空亡驿马星, 申寅都是四长生驿马, 马常动, 停不下来, 申寅又相冲, 因此地动.

The big water dragon is showing its power at the South East whereby the most auspicious star five yellow is there as what I had predicted since last year.

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Anonymous said...

But God have mercy this time. I felt this EQ is a warning to the people not to go against the spritual laws.