Sunday, November 4, 2012

The good water creates good fortune for Klang Valley 吉隆坡的好水就有好财富.

山管人丁水管财, 有好山就有好人才. 有好水就有好财富. 我曾说吉隆坡位于巴生谷, 它被茂盛肥沃的山脉包围着。巴生谷的山脉是玉带环抱着吉隆坡。所谓的玉带环抱是指中国的古老时代官员的腰间带着的玉带, 而巴生谷茂盛肥沃的山脉正是玉带环抱包围着,拥抱着并且保护着吉隆坡, ”山管人丁吉隆坡因此吸引了许多卓越的人才。 这些人才都从马来西亚其他地区勇往吉隆坡谋生。除此之外, 吉隆坡以前的因为锡矿而吸引我们的祖先从中国漂洋过海来谋生, 以前的锡矿现在已是矿湖了, 而形成吉隆坡的水, 水为龙的血, 有好水就有好财富.

As what I always said “In feng shui, we say mountain governs the people and water controls the wealth”. If there are lush and fertile mountains in a place, then there will be talented people from the place. Also, if there is good and clear water in a place, then there is a place with good fortune and wealth.

I have said that Kuala Lumpur is located in the Klang Valley which is formed by lush, fertile mountain. They surround Kuala Lumpur. The Valley of the mountains surrounds and protects the Kuala Lumpur. Therefore Kuala Lumpur is able to attract a number of remarkable talents. These people are from other parts of Malaysia. They rush to Kuala Lumpur for their living. In addition, the old tin mines in Kuala Lumpur are now become lakes. There are many lakes in Kuala Lumpur such as The Mine, Sunway Lagoon, and Puchong IOI Lake. These are the good water, which is dragon's blood in feng shui. The good water creates good fortune for Klang Valley.

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