Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I have become a feng shui master since my background is an engineer by profession?

I often have to introduce myself prior to any of my feng shui talks to the public as if I do not do it, then I will always be asked the same question i.e. why you become a feng shui master since your background is an engineer by profession. I would like to say that I started to love feng shui and many oriental ancient beliefs after I really understand them.

As an engineer, I have been trained to think scientifically and systematically. Thus, initially, I thought there are no scientific facts in feng shui or any of the oriental ancient beliefs. I used to perceive the oriental ancient beliefs as a mysterious area which is lack of scientific basis. However, after many years of exposure on the subjects, I begun to find myself intrigued by its relevancy to our lives. This knowledge is such a great treasure that has been passed down by our ancestors.

In short, as an engineer, I find no conflict between ancient science and modern science, the approach might be different, but both are destined to find the nature ultimate truth.

You would find that human being has been arrogant to do whatever we like and our action has led us to the nature imbalance. Nowadays, people started to realize we have to pause and look back to learn the ancient knowledge to see what they wanted to tell us. That is the reason why ancient studies such as yoga, qi kung, feng shui, i-ching, Sun Tzi Art of War and etc have become more popular nowadays. As the matter of fact, if you really understand them, you would find that they are relevant.

As modern science begins to be enslaved by capitalism to serve human greed,  and creating side effect in it pathway to solve relevant problem, may be is time for us to look back to wisdom and "para science " which has been studied in decade of ancient civilization like feng shui, I ching...

I term the ancient wisdom or knowledge as as "para science" in strict modern science requirement as it may not fulfill the quantitative, statistical and comparative elements of modern science.

However, this ancient para science has given us the answer and solutions or even philosophical truth. The ultimatum of modern science is usually solved at philosophical end rather the equation or laboratory experiments.

I used to say that “The word I 易 in I-Ching is form from the Chinese words yin and Yang日 Sun and 月 Moon. 6,000 years ago Fuxi knew everything in the world is form by the positive and negative energy. Yang 日 Sun is positive energy and Yin 月 Moon is negative energy. Later scientists discovered that the distinction between yin and yang, everything in the world, by the smallest of the proton and electron in Atom to the largest in the solar system the Sun and the planets of the universe, are all made up of the Yin and Yang. Because of yin (female) and yang (male), there is reproduction in human being.”




那也是为什么古老研究例如瑜伽,气功,风水,周易, 子兵法等都变得越来越普遍。 如果您真正地了解他们,您发现他们是很实际的一门学问。我是在真正地了解风水和许多东方古老学问之后才开始爱上他们.


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