Friday, February 1, 2013

Horoscope for Dragon in 2013


2012犯太岁, 变化莫测, 今年财运较平稳, 投资不宜太冒进.
病符是一颗主有小病的凶星出现, 因此请注意饮食起居.
但今年有天喜星出现, ’天喜星为快乐的星, 主有喜事和愉快事情发生

The star of ‘Tian Xi’ appears in this year. The star of ‘Tian Xi’ is happy star. You may expect to enjoy some happy events. However, ‘Disease Star’ appears; therefore please take extra care of your health. You should ensure that you consume healthy food and do regular exercises. Dragon may feel lonely this year too. 

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