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Zodiac Horoscope for Rat, Ox, Tiger and Rabbit 2013

Sorry for the delay in posting the zodiac horoscope 2013 as I have been very busy recently as Chinese New Year is round the corner. There are a few more of my feng shui talks coming up soon during the week of the Chinese New Year and this time, I will go to Bukit Mertajam and Sungai Petani. For friends who stay nearby the areaS, please stay tuned and I shall tell you the venue and time soon.

Wishing you an HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS YEAR AHEAD 恭喜发财, 万事大吉, 身体健康, 大吉大利.

I would like to highlight to you that you should only take the zodiac horoscope as reference only because it is ONLY based on the year of birth to analyze what is going to expect for a person. It is not logical to have all those who are born in the year of rat to share the same fortune in 2013. To be more accurate, it is better to read your bazi as a whole as there will be more data to be obtained from the bazi which include the year, month, day and hour that you were born. It is similar to if you go for a doctor for diagnosing, for accuracy, the doctor will go for blood screening, CT scan, x-ray and etc to have a more precious information than just to check your body temperature solely, isn’t it?

Bazi Four Pillars are formed by the year, month, day and hour of birth of a person.

今年肖很好, 要好好把握机会的向前冲. 流年有紫微星坐命的人士,事业上都会有明显的进步。今年你是才华没法挡,虽然你并没有刻意表现自己,但有榭自然香,你的工作能力大家有目共睹,所以被点名提拔是迟早的事,你将有很多发挥的机会,只要用点心机,便可以事半功倍,创造美好成绩,那么,升迁的日子自然不会远了。

龙德这位大贵人,则当你的发展出现阻滞时,祂就会引导你发挥本身的智慧,去圆满解决困难。但有天厄的凶星出现, ’天厄主意料不及的事情,表示你的任务去到接近成功的时候,往往会出现突然的意外,令已经完成的工作化为乌有,以致要重新起步. ‘紫微星龙德的力量应比天厄的力量来得強.

小心暴败星’, 财运难以稳定, 所以虽然有贵人相助, 投资者应该见好即收.

This is a very good year for rat and hence please goes all out if you have any good opportunity. This is because of the star of ‘Zi Wei Xing’. In this year you do not have to work very hard but your ability will be perfectly obvious and known by others. Thus, sooner or later there will be opportunity for promotion. You will have the opportunity of shining brightly this year.
‘Long De’ is your strong nobleman star. It can guide you to develop the wisdom and satisfactory solution during any difficult situation.
However, even with the help of ‘Zi Wei Xing’ and ‘Long De’, you still have to be aware of the star of ‘Tian E’ as this is star that will come in and jeopardize your task when it is close to the time of success. There will be some blockage appear suddenly, the work that you have done will be completely vanishes and you have to start the work all over again. However, the power of ‘Zi Wei Xing’ and ‘Long De’ should be higher than ‘Tian E’.

华盖主才华因此今年从事艺术创作, 写作或娱乐事业者将有机会发挥优势.
The talent of ox will be obvious this year. If you are engaging in artistic creation such as writing, drawing, singing or other talent, you will have more advantage this year. If you are a writer like me, then 2013 is a good year for you.
However, you will feel the loneliness too. For those married couple, your spouse may always not at home. For those who are still single, it is unlikely for you to find your lover this year.
‘Bai Hu’ which will cause injury to you, is lying in wait for you secretly. Once seeing you committing any mistake or negligence, it will appear and criticize you immediately. This will make you look bad in front of your colleagues and boss.

Horoscope for Tiger in 2013
福德福星是主福禄双全的星宿,代表你在工作上有很大的发挥,而且不须你花太多心思和精神去筹谋,自然会有贵人为你安排一切,让机会出现在你的面前。若你能掌握流年的机遇,尽力把公司派下来的任务做到最好,则老板将会对你刮目相看,让你担任和负责更多更重要的项目, 这个就是他部署提升你的第一步,是否能够达到他的要求,就要看你自己的造化了。
天德入命,主福分深厚,长寿,不犯官刑。天德是阳德,其功效明显. ‘天德是一颗贵人星,主逢凶化吉,而祂跟解神地解等吉神不同,因为后两者需要先见凶而后化吉,但天德却是直接阻止不吉利的事情发生,使你可以专心完成老板委派的工作。

虽然有强力的贵人星, 但同时有劫煞’, ’劫煞主徒劳无功,做事大多事倍功半,甚至白费气力。因此虽得上司赞赏, 但工作较辛苦.

‘Fu De’ and ‘lucky star’ are two superb fortune stars. They indicate that you have great potential in your career. You do not have to work too hard but the helps that you require will come naturally. The opportunities will appear in front of you. If you can grasp the good fortune in time and take all effort to accomplish the tasks assigned by your boss, your boss will appreciate what you have done. He will let you take charge and provide more responsibilities to you by letting you managing more important projects. You have to cherish it as this is his initial step to promote you.
This is a very good year for tiger to move forward. ‘Tian De’ is a very good fortune star. It means long life and do not commit any offence. Its virtue is positive virtue and its effect is obvious. ‘Tian De’ will turn all the bad luck into good luck. It is different compare to other good stars such as ‘Xie Shen’ and ‘Di Xie’, because these two stars need to see misfortune first before turn them into good luck. However, ‘Tian De’ will directly prevent any bad luck matter from occurring. This enables you to concentrate in completing the work that your boss delegates to you.
Since you get the lucky star of ‘Ba Zuo’, represent there will be a promotion. You will override others gradually on popularity. However, the ‘Ba Zuo’ needs to suit other lucky stars in order to play a bigger role.
However, please be aware of the star of ‘Jie Sha’ as this is star that will come in and jeopardize your task when it is close to the time of success. Even though your superior appreciates your effort however there will be a waste of time in completing your task. In another word, you have to work hard as well.

Horoscope for Rabbit in 2013

文昌星入命, 主聪明过人, 又主逢凶化吉. 气质雅秀, 举止温文, 好学新知, 具上进心. 一生近官利贵. 今年肖兔者头脑清醒, 特别聪明, 有利于考生.
天狗星主有超支和失预算的现象,代表今年你的财政情况有点不济, 经常会因为消费过度以致收支失去平衡。如果长时间不只自律,则难保会有经济陷入困境的一天。吊客同临,主有奔丧事,必须留意家人的健康,出入小心. 
囚獄代表失去自由, 可能被囚在医院.

‘Wen Chang Xing’ means intelligent and good fortune. It is helpful for students in their studies. You are smarter this year.
The appearance of the Star God of ‘Tian Gou’ demonstrates there will be phenomenon of having overspending and thus this year your financial condition is a little not that promising. You may consume excessive and there will be lose balance in between your income and expenses. If you do not control your expenses, you may fall into deep difficulty in your financial condition.
Rabbit may lose your freedom and may have to stay in a hospital.

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