Sunday, August 3, 2014

Do you know why e-gate is named as e-gate?

 e-gate Building
Penang Island Map

If you refer to the map of the Penang, Penang Bridge is at the east of Penang Island and there is one of the main entrances (气口door of qi) of the Penang Island and e-gate is just right there when you enter Penang Island via the Penang Bridge. E-gate is located at the main gate of the east, hence it is named as e-gate, e is the east. It is located there to gain the auspicious qi of the main entrance. For those who are not familiar with Penang Island, e-Gate is a very popular spot in Penang Island. It is a meeting point for many of us because of its location. It is situated at the entrance of the island when you drive across the Penang Bridge to the island from the Peninsular Malaysia. Also, the building is actually sitting at the West and faces the East.

The shape of the building resembles the shape of the old type of money of China, gold ingot 元宝不发也难呀

I have written many articles about e-gate. If you refer to my previous post  “The Feng Shui of Bayswater Condominium and Tesco, e-Gate”, I said the shape of the building resembles the shape of the old type of money of China, gold ingot 元宝. 不发也难呀! The money is waiting for you. Do you notice IJM started to shine brightly after they completed the building e-gate? I also have written article about the Menara IJM Land too on wonder the Menara IJM Land is so good.”.
The feng shui of the place is superb, apart from the 'Jade Belt Surrounding Waist' , the buildings are also follow the good feng shui of the external luan tou 外峦头 which is exactly 左青龙 右白虎 前朱雀 后玄武 zuo qing long, you bai hu, qian zhu que, hou xuan wu.
You can read about it in my book page 59-63 too.
It has proven again that the power of feng shui that influence the good and bad of a place.

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