Friday, May 22, 2015

Why there is a 1MDB issue?

I said : The most inauspicious star five yellow and three evil ( three killings) are in the West, there will be a terrorist attack to the US and Europe. IS terror will be continued, especially in Western countries, the United States will be attacked? The US and Europe also have to beware of virus outbreak and the natural disasters. In Malaysia, Selangor State and Kuala Lumpur which are located at the West of Malaysia are not that good either.

Malaysian capital is in the West and therefore the Malaysian Economic Outlook for 2015 is not that ideal. With the imposing of GST, the dissatisfaction of the people is generally high.

The attack at Paris is an obvious evident.

Don’t forget the three evil (three killings) will cause the argument hence 1MDB is the serious problem for central government at Kuala Lumpur which is at the West of Malaysia. The depression of Malaysian Ringgit and the petroleum price is another prominent example. 

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