Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sabah Earthquake , South Korea MERS and Chinese cruise ship disaster 东方之星, Worst star is there!

Extremely sad to see the earthquake 5.9 hit the Ranau Sabah and it caused the deaths of so many young lives. I checked the Tong Seng 通胜 and found that the monthly worst star no 5 yellow star 五黄凶星 is at the North East from 18 May 15. Sabah is the North East of Malaysia.

I pray that the young Bodhisattva s 菩萨 are with Buddha now. Amitabha.

Don't forget the MESR Virus that is attacking the South Korea and South Korea is at the North East of the world. Same happened to the Chinese cruise ship disaster 东方之星 and China is at the North East of the world too.

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