Friday, January 29, 2016

新年的腳步近了, 教你在立春时做简单的几招包你马上有好风水 Chinese New Year is just round the corner, teach you some simple tips to do during li chun and guarantee you'll have good feng shui immediately

2016 2 4 1814酉时为立春. 立春为24节气之首, 为春天的第一天, 大地回春, 喜气洋洋. 24节气里有立春, 立夏, 立秋和立冬也就是春夏秋冬的第一天立春就是新的一年了因为大地已回春了, 其实很多人都搞错2016 2 4 1814酉时立春出生的孩子已经生肖为猴了虽然2 8日才是农历初一. 立春之后各方面的吉凶也随着变动了.

做简单的几招: -




February 4, 2016 1814 is the beginning of spring or we call it LI CHUN立春. It is the first day of the 24 solar terms and the first day of spring. In the 24 solar terms, there are beginning of spring, beginning of summer, beginning of autumn and beginning of winter立春, 立夏, 立秋和立冬. They are the first day of the seasons. Thereafter the beginning of spring is the entire New Year. In fact, many people have mistaken about it. They thought the first day of the Lunar New Year is the new year day农历初一. This year on February 4, 2016 1814 the child that born that time onwards is a monkey zodiac child instead of goat although February 8 2016 is the start of the Lunar calendar. After LI CHUN all aspects change accordingly.

Simple things to do:-

1. After working hour on Thursday 4 Feb 16, go to your bank ATM machine to deposit some money to your bank account. It means you will have abundant money to keep in your bank account on this Monkey year.

2. Then go back to your house and arrange your house following

3. Switch on all the lights, fans and air conditioners to activate the qi and welcome the monkey year.

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